My absolute favorite holiday! I’m headed to work, maybe time to write later, maybe not. Almost finished with update from OK City. Last night I spent time with my roomie, first time since July, cooking some yummy veggies and nori rolls. The wasabi was so hot that I got a buzz from it. After rocking our sinus cavities off, we carved a pumpkin-only my fourth ever. My mom worked in home/business/marina insurance when I was a kid and she tended to always know the odds of disaster-keeping me away from sharp tools- hence no pumpkin carving. Here is the Peace Pumpkin:

Peace Pumpkin

Peace on the Porch

Since Peace is soooooo scary in our world………….

1 Billion Definitions of Peace


Hey folks.

I am in the process of discovering how to make Peace a part of my daily life, now that I am adjusting (sort of) to being back at home and working. There is absolutely some culture shock present and coupled with bad news about my mom’s health, life is pretty raw right now. The past three months, Peace was, quite literally, my way. Now I am exploring the patience my local C-villians have towards the topic, integrating the message into my lifestyle and searching for a way to keep this Peace project going. I keep having a reoccurring dream about the number of definitions I want to collect on the website-1 billion-in which the zeros keep flipping over and over, always erasing the standing total. It was getting a bit daunting, especially with no recent definitions left since PEACE SCOOTER ended.

Until….I saw our national debt. http://www.brillig.com/debt_clock/

Now-a billion-well it seems pretty possible.

Spoiler: The number was at $9,064,930,753,793.74 when I peeked. Student loans? Psshaw!

Hey folks. Today finds me up in the mountains, celebrating at my friends bachelorette party. Everyone is taking a nap now, after last night’s festivities. Me-I’m getting ready to hit the hot tub after I post this beautiful video for you. I was just updating my links and catching up with my friends websites. I came across this gem on the Federation of Peaceful People. Enjoy. Think Arete!

Peaceful Demonstrator Arrested

When I first started traveling alone and asking people what turns out to be a very personal question, I had to fight off some fears. Often, I see this question proposed, “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?” Well, what do you do when you are afraid? That seems to be a pertinent question .

Why was I fearful? Because it has become difficult, sometimes violent, to talk about Peace. I had no idea how challenging it would be to have people leave politics out of a Peace discussion. Many people saw my question as antagonistic. Oh really? Asking what your vision for our future is, or how you define Peace, is antagonistic? I believe our government is AFRAID of a nation waking up and demanding accountability. When we stand as a nation that has put aside fleeting consumer interests and nonchalant apathy, we will be a threat to the way the game is currently played. If you believe in war, I hope you change your mind. I hope we can at least agree that free speech is our Constitutional right. I hope that soon people realize we need to separate the intertwined threads of corruption pervading our government-corruption that is whittling away our right to free speech. Many people told me this summer that they support the war because our American freedom was under attack. The biggest threat on our freedom is coming from within-the threat on our Constitutional rights. It really can’t be denied. There are tons of people to testify to it, and tons of independent media to prove it. Homeland Security is taking away the comfortability we should have to logically question our governments actions and to peacefully dissent.

Our country was established by dissenters and throughout its evolution, “dissenters,” have worked for social justice. Just think voting rights, for both blacks and women, for example. I know people are afraid, maybe they can’t name it, but it’s easy to see in their reactions, just from a simple question like, “How do you define Peace?” A lot of people tell me and Daphne, “Well, I don’t believe in Peace.” But, when prodded, often they have no definition to offer. Don’t you have to know WHAT it IS before you don’t believe in it? Most people define Peace as the absence of War and conclude by saying we will never be without War.

It’s dangerous to find ourselves in this rut of disbelief. Americans don’t seem to think Peace is possible-and it won’t be if we can’t imagine its existence. I just wish people would apply an equal measure of logic to situations. If I told myself repeatedly that I was a failure, I would create one of those “self fulfilling prophecies.” As a culture, we emphasize the importance of living your dream, conquering your obstacles-you can overcome any obstacle if you want it bad enough. Thats at least how we justify horrible underfunding for schools in the ghettos. By gosh, we tell people-If you want a good future, claw out from the ghetto, despite the corner the system shoved you into.

We will continue to have War if we don’t think it’s possible, or WORTHY to have Peace. And apparently, all those working diligently to remind the government that there are CHECKS AND BALANCES to uphold, are a threat. Even a Democratic Representative was rebuked yesterday by Pelosi and forced into apology for his comments against the war. I came across these CODE PINK videos of yesterday’s arrests for peacefully demonstrating, and the above torrents of thought began racing. Whether or not you share the beliefs of CODE PINK, just remember, they were not doing anything illegal or threatening. One held up a peace sign with her fingers and the other was simply wearing pink. Security officers on Capitol Hill have become infuriated with CODE PINKS daily presence. I think they are afraid of CODE PINK. I do not understand how our government approves of treating its citizens like this-or what we do to stop them. What do you do when you are afraid-hide, drink, shop, strike out, or STEP-UP? Please watch the videos below. And will you please leave your definition of Peace on the Wall (click here)
Love, Alix

October 27, 2007, Mark it!

This weekend there are millions of people participating in 11 regional demonstrations. Check out this website: http://www.oct27.org/for more information about the Fall Out Against the War action this weekend. Apparently, its good to bring your kids, family, neighbors and even dogs. I would like to add that its good to bring a stranger and some sassy, radical signs with memorable quips. Robert Greenwald and Brave New Films did the video that you see below. The song is quite catchy, I can tell it will be stuck in my head when I’m brewing coffee tomorrow AM. Anyhow, I’ve seen almost every Greenwald movie made, his documentaries are very educational and often seen only by the grassroots communities. My first and favorite was Walmart: The High Cost of Low Price. Now, I always get that backwards in my head, but either way, the title works. I consider that movie to be so important because long after these damn enterprises, I mean Wars, people will still be shopping at Wal-Mart. Check out his website for a complete listing of his documentaries: http://www.robertgreenwald.org/docs.phpAnd lastly, check out the video below! Thank you and here’s to dancing around sombreros and making Peace in our world!


Welcome Home Alix

Hey folks,

I do apologize for lack of posting in the past week and a half. So what have I been doing, heh?

Well, the week after Crawford, TX was a whirlwind of fun! Even though I was exhausted, there were still 1,600 miles to put behind me. Early Friday morning, we pulled into Virginia; unfortunately darkness cloaked the brilliant leaves of autumn. About 15 minutes outside of town a presumably drunken college kid almost ran us off the road. I was seriously riled up by this, as it was one of the closer calls I’ve had this whole time on the road and we were so close to home!

Me, Marco Polo and Courtney (behind my head) at the WallWe made a stop at a 24 hour grocery store to purchase my little guy a bone. After exuberant, sloppy greetings were exchanged, everyone crashed hard. After basically a quick nap, we roused ourselves to enjoy Charlottesville before Daphne and Lil C headed back to Maine. It was a very action packed day and by its end, I had accomplished my three goals: take Marco Polo for a long walk, cook a tasty dinner in my kitchen and carve a pumpkin. Family Dinner The next couple of days I unpacked all of my stuff from storage and began the tedious process of setting up my new bedroom. Most of my friends, including the roomie, had left town for the weekend, so it was really quiet-giving me a chance to unwind. The apartment is looking really good due to Wendy’s hard work. We inherited the place from some frat boys so there was a lot of dirt to remove from the carpet and patching to be done on the walls. Courtney's RideWendy, in her mercurial fashion, has created a couple of herb gardens, a compost bin and painted some rooms.

Pumpkin Carving

The next thing on the list has been to relax, something I have to turn into a task in order to make myself do it. We went for awhile without TV around here, but recently Wendy’s family gave her a full entertainment system, including surround sound stereo. After hooking it all up, I decided to test it out. We watched Sneakers, an OLD movie, from 1992, but its content was remarkably cutting edge. Great quote from the movie:
“What do you want in exchange?”
“Peace and Justice”
“We are the United States Government, we don’t work for that!”

Wendy made a frightful comment that the liberal propaganda in Sneakers probably wouldn’t be “allowed,” in today’s era of Homeland Security. Since I’m a big documentary fan, I’ve continued my testing of the new entertainment system to watch a couple. My favorite was Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room. I was living at Omega Institute during the zenith of this scandal and we didn’t have TV or newspapers. I was absolutely riveted by the amount of information presented and completely disgusted by the massive synergistic corruption between business and politics. I recommend Alex Gibney’s movie because its very objective and informative-a journalistic presentation with Integrity. A lot of the movie’s information came from C-Span clips, a cable network that most people can’t afford to have. (or choose not to) It’s unfortunate to pay a rental fee just to get the objective coverage which is the responsibility of our media. Last night I watched Revolution OS; this reveals my geekier nature. It was somewhat hard to watch, but provided a really interesting look at the hackers and computer programmers who challenged Microsoft by developing open source software. By the end of the night I was feeling ready to get back on a productive schedule.

Today has been pretty busy; lots of piddly errands to do-calls to make, piles of bills and letters to write. And tax forms to fill out. Yes, I am now employed and even worked a shift yesterday. The Mudhouse was my employer when I left town, but the new spot, La Taza, holds a lot of promise. The new work crewThe job acquisition was pretty hysterical. I’ve enjoyed being my own boss for the past three months and wasn’t enthusiastic about turning over that freedom. But since the money ran out a long time ago-its time to make a commitment. At least for awhile to generate some income while I pen a novel about the travels. I was sitting outside La Taza, using the internet and the waiter, Stephen, joined me. He didn’t give me the opportunity to dawdle picking up an application. The next moment I was behind the counter making a drink for the manager. Suddenly, I had a job-and agreed to report for work the next morning. Whoah. There was an employee meeting scheduled in the next hour, so I stuck around to meet the rest of the crew and listen to their comments and strategies. They all seem smart, cool and creative-looking forward to confirming that. We ate some yummy pizza together and then I left-happy with the good possibilities ahead at this cafe. It’s literally out my back door, good for fuel conservation. There is also more money and scheduling flexibility-so I’m pretty excited.

I’m adjusting to being inside after spending the past three months outside. The brilliant scenery and ever changing horizons are gone. I’ve developed a riding disorder, where my happiness is proportional to the amount of miles I travel. My friends took me to see Into the Wild, an intense and profound movie, shot in some beautiful locations. Virginia, Michael, and MichaelI became very nostalgic for the raw nature and open spaces that I experienced during 11,000 miles. I’m itching to be back on the scooter, which is en route to Richmond now. Meanwhile, I’m appreciating the comforts of my own home. Me and Wendy have both spent years on the road, so we were in agreement that our doors would be opened to lodge wayward travelers. The other night we brought home a trio, Virginia, Michael and Michael, who had been hiking the Appalachian Trail. They are all headed to their respective homes after the hike and years of service in the Peace Corps. It was cool to meet them and live vicariously through them for a moment.

I’ve also been eating and sleeping a lot-and getting back into my yoga/meditation practice. My need for a mediation and yoga practice was discovered years ago after I confronted a feeling of disharmony in my life. I had a sense of what Peace was, just enough to know it was lacking in my life. After a lot of soul searching and meeting spiritual teachers, I created a framework that helps me deepen and strengthen my personal growth and my relationship with others. We really do begin to experience Peace when we believe it’s possible, and daily take the steps to maintain it in our life. It’s an operating system and of course it takes maintenance to function at its best.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about Peace and the lessons I learned from thousands of interactions this summer. It was a wild ride and there is still a lot of processing happening. The other day I joined my friend, “The Reverend Rick,” for $2 pints at South Street. The Rick is an IBM Genius, basically the company pays him to think, to invent and to motivate people. I was a little surprised when he told me that he initially thought my idea was crazy-I mean the guy gets paid to expand the parameters of possibility. Rick was one of the first people I talked to about PEACE SCOOTER-over coffee at 7:00 AM. He, like others, say they thought I was joking. The reoccurring sentence is,” You made your dream come true-I thought it was just a crazy, fleeting idea-the kind people have all the time and never follow through.” To this I say, don’t have a dream, have a goal-and pursue it with a ferociousness that is catalytic. The word ferocious come from “ferox”-Latin for wild. The English language defines “wild” as “lack of constraint or control.” Don’t ever let fears control your imagination. Every fiber of my being wanted to travel and talk about Peace, I refused to accept the idea of obstacles. I say it takes more energy to create obstacles and resign yourself to shortcomings than it does to believe you have the power to accomplish your highest goals. Now if I can just apply that to quitting smoking….

Just today I put up a fresh piece of poster board, my “Wall Brain,” it helps me keep the distractions at bay. THE HEADQUARTERSThis is the system implemented when I had only a month before hitting the road. It serves as a good way to do my mind-mapping and to keep the details, goals, and contacts close at hand. Thought this might help me delve into the next phase of P.E.A.C.E SCOOTER. While on the road, I developed a good pace to manage everything. I slept minimally and accomplished a lot, and that came to a screeching halt once I stopped traveling. Right now, I’m excited to bring new information to my community and to maintain the far-reaching community that I met while on the road. By the way, the first items that went on the WALL BRAIN were

Write about Oklahoma City.
Write about Crawford and Austin, TX.
Write about the zany road trip back home.
Write about New Orleans-just revisited on the way home and remembered that I excluded major commentary about NOLA.

Stick with me……

Peace and love…..Alix

Heading Home

Final Mileage Answering the Questions
Hey everybody, I know there is an obvious lack of posts the past few days, especially at a time when I have so much to tell you about! Alix and Lady Liberty
Right now me, Daphne, and Lil C are headed home to VA, after a couple of great days in Austin, TX and a day in New Orleans. I have a lot of photos to share with you and characters to introduce from both the OK City and Crawford adventures. For months I knew the trip would end in Crawford, but nothing prepared me for the day’s actual events. There will be a lot to write about. Shockingly, I’m pretty exhausted and still not anywhere near catching up on sleep. I’m traveling with two people who have never seen the Southwest or Southeast, so the adventures are still abounding! It’s very strange to be riding in a car, yesterday we covered 500 miles in just eight hours. I said my tearful goodbyes to Audre, who is now in the hands of Urban Moto. She is being shipped home, thanks to Genuine Scooters.

Honestly, I can’t wait to arrive back home, carve some pumpkins and walk the dog. The question I get asked the most is, “What’s next?” Well, Crawford was only the finish line of the ride-there is still a lot of work to do for Peace and Justice. And I can’t wait to tell you about the wonderful people I’ve met recently. If you want the scoop through some other people’s eyes- check out Steve’s site http://thescooterscoop.blogspot.com/

Also, the photographer from CNN, Erika Dimmler (thanks and it was really great to meet you!) sent me her Flickr pics, which you can view at:

Meeting Kay, who runs the Crawford Peace House, was a huge honor. She is a very wise and loving woman, and my biggest regret is that we had no time to really spend with her. My favorite part of the Crawford visit was the walking meditation me and Kay took through the Peace Labryinth when I first arrived. It was a necessary action after an 11,000 mile Peace Pilgrimage. Despite all the hoopla, CNN even followed us around the walk for awhile, the walking mediation helped me to reflect on my personal transformations and to focus my intentions for future activism. Below are her words about P.E.A.C.E SCOOTER:

“CNN was there with cameras rolling when Alix B. pulled her scooter into the parking space in front of the Statue of Liberty at the Peace House on Saturday, Oct. 13.

Synchronicity was really playing out for her visit to Crawford. In a Friday phone conversation Alix asked me about inexpensive motels in Waco where she could meet her friend and supporter Daphne from Maine who was driving in with her eight year old daughter on Friday night.

But Alix and Daphne, both really tired and sore from long drives, 11,000 miles on a scooter for Alix, decided at the last minute to splurge, and met at the Waco Hilton instead, to take advantage of the hot tub there. Unknown to either of them, the Hilton is where the WH press core establishes residence when Crawford’s faux cowboy visits his compound.

The universe placed Alix next to some reporters and they all got to talking. One of the CNN reporters told me she even thought it was synchronistic that Alix chose this weekend to end her ride in Crawford. The local peace community only learned on Thursday evening that GWB was coming to town. Check out the CNN video here. http://edition.cnn.com/2007/POLITICS/10/13/peace.activist/#cnnSTCVideo

In all there were twelve adults and one child on hand to share a meal in the Peace House garden with this intrepid traveler for peace. Two were also on motor scooters from Austin and another scooter rider from Houston braved a 200 mile trip, saying it was the least he could do to honor Alix’s 11,000 mile ride.

As soon as CNN finished their interview, Alix and I walked the labyrinth and discussed peace. It was a profound experience for me and I am in awe of her level of commitment to engage in discussions about peace with individual people all across this country while she put a symbolic emblem of peace on the face of the landscape of the United States of America.

Local peace activists were also on hand later that afternoon, to greet Alix with signs and banners when she pulled up to the Secret Service checkpoint near the Bush compound and joined her in toasting the culmination of this chapter of her empowering journey for peace. ABC was there to film that event.

Please visit her web site ( https://peacescooter.com/ ) and share your definition of peace. She says that the only way we can achieve real peace in the world is through consciously exploring, defining and sharing our vison of what we believe peace is. Then we must create that vision. She is an articulate and brave individual.

Indeed, is not a sincere dialog crucial in understanding that it is individuals who must engage and connect on a grassroots level to bridge the gaps created by leaders who seek to divide us into opposing factions, based on fear programming, in order to continue to grow their wealth and power? This is the old game of divide and conquer. But we can overcome the game by understanding that we must grasp our connectedness by maturing to a higher level of consciousness; that we must truly ‘be the change’ if our world is to survive. “We must get back to the garden,” as Joni Mitchell said.”
Thanks for those words Kay, and we will talk soon.

So, stay with me people-I’ll have some goodies up on the site for you soon! As I write this, a live video stream plays. I just heard, President Bush saying, “We need to put aside politics and find a common ground.” He should have quoted me on that, but at least he’s been listening! :0


Click on the Picture to catch the CNN video coverage! Will update soon about yesterday’s grand adventure, but for now-I’m gonna go splash around in the pool! It’s 90 degrees here in TX! With love, Alix


Crawford Bush Action

Remember back in North Hollywood, at the NOHO scooters, I met a guy named Gabriel? Well, Gabriel had noticed that I on my bike I had a sticker of Lululemon, a company that makes yoga gear, and is his employer. I haven’t spoken with him since that day, but today, Gabe sent me this picture.
Thanks for thinking of me Gabe, it feels really good to ride across the finish line with the support of so many friends.
Right now, I am 23 miles away from Crawford. My friend Daphne and her daughter arrived around 9pm. Serendipitously, Air Force One also landed at the Crawford Ranch, aboard was the infamous cowboy himself. Tomorrow’s rally probably just became a little bigger. I know that a group of people from the Crawford Peace House will be escorting me over to the secret service checkpoint so I can mark the finish line of the Peace sign.

This morning I had a very good hour long conversation with Kay, who runs the Crawford Peace House. It was exactly what I needed to clear my head and center my heart. I appreciated her insights and am really excited to meet her tomorrow.

If you can not be with us tomorrow, please join us through a moment of silence at 1:08 pm. Take the moment to envision the future you wish to have, and offer a prayer for World Peace.

This journey has been an opportunity to engage thousands of Americans in conversation about the meaning of Peace. Tomorrow is not just the end of a journey to end a war, instead, I am continuing the movement to create a consciousness in sustainable peace and justice in the world.

I will have more to write soon, of course. At 4pm, we will be driving down to Austin, TX. Steve Guzman is hosting a “toast and celebration,” at Urban Moto. His invite is cleverly written, saying:

“Oh and to put 11,000 miles into perspective. If Alix could ride her scooter from Austin back to the city where her Genuine Buddy was built, in Taiwan, it would only be 7,784 miles. If she were to ride another 1,400 miles after she reaches Crawford, she would have ridden the distance from the North Pole to the South Pole. “

1:08 pm, Texas Time (mountain time)-don’t forget. Honestly, if you don’t synchronize, no worries-just at some moment in your day, think about Peace. And know that I appreciate your support the past 12 weeks!

Crawford Peace Rally Flyer

Santa Fe, New Mexico

I pulled into Santa Fe during a storm. The 500 mile drive from Flagstaff had offered breath taking views, fast roads through Reservations, GUSTY winds, and rain. Over the hills and through the PlateausI knew that Santa Fe was close, but could see no lights ahead-until suddenly I reached the top of a hill. The panorama opened up and thousands of lights twinkled below. Good. I could call my hosts and let them know I was nearby. The dark vast, open horizon surrounding Santa Fe was illuminated intermittently with long, white fingers of lightning. Rain began pelting me and I scooted on, looking for a dry place to call Meg and Richard. The air was very electric-my heart began beating faster as lightning struck around me. On my left I spotted Centaur Cycles and Scoots, and I hoped that my hosts lived nearby. Soaked to the bone, my teeth chattering, I called Meg. She asked if I wanted to come to their house or they could meet me nearby for some dinner. Honestly, I could not make a decision-I was tired and cold. They came to get me, Audre was unpacked and left at the shop.

I was really excited to meet these two characters. Earlier that day I had called Roy, over at the Genuine Scooters, to see if any parts were needed for Audre’s maintenance. I always enjoy speaking with Roy, and he let me know he was a bit jealous that I was staying with such cool people. And they are cool, no doubt about it. It’s good to take a minute here and reflect on how good Genuine has been to me.

I had just finished lighting the beautiful yellow candles that I made for Summer solstice when Philip McCaleb rang to let me know, “Genuine Scooter is going all the way,” in their support for me. IMG_2919My original proposal to him offered a wholesale price on the scooter, but he let me know that a scooter was only part of what he could offer. And since that day, I have become aware of what he meant. Most importantly, Philip has stood behind the Peace Ride. My idea resonated with him and we spent hours going over my beliefs and his. I’ve never even met the guy, but I’ve had some great phone conversations and emails with him. He reads the blogs, offers encouragement and makes sure that his dealers take care of me. I’ve had so many incredible hosts because of Genuine.

I originally predicted that many fellow Peaceniks would be throwing open their doors to help host me. I had also anticipated that many Peace Organizations would endorse or support the Peace Ride. For whatever reason, most organizations ignore my requests for help- I have written to many, asking that they help support the Peace Ride. My thoughts were that a link or blip about the Peace Ride on their website would help generate awareness and create a solidarity in the Peace movement. And of course, also help me find housing and support along the 11,000 mile route. I made these assumptions since we are all working for the same cause. And from all past experiences, freedom fighters stick together with their eyes on the prize.

Well, honestly, the Scooter Community and my personal friends are the ones that have provided a network of support. These people have made sure I get housing, donations, haircuts, food and show me around their town. Philip McCaleb told me that they were going to place the Peace Ride on their front page. IMG_0643I was surprised and happy that a company was so willing to take an obvious stance of Peace. Many of the people who have contacted me with places to stay have come to my website through Genuine’s, demonstrating the networking power of information technology. This obvious truth also heightens my disappointment with Peace organizations-who chose not to support an obvious Pro-Peace demonstration. I guess scooterists understand the stamina and challenge of a 11,000 mile ride more than car drivers. Even when I started the ride, I had the mentality of a “cage” driver. Shoot, most scooterists consider 90 miles an epic ride. (to quote PJ) Back in the beginning, I would estimate my time based on car traveling and was ignorant to the power of the elements. Wind, rain, elevation-all those things can drastically change your ride. Which brings me back to Meg and Richard.

They put some warm blankets over my legs and took me back to their house. View from Meg and Richard new houseI noticed we were leaving the town behind and turned onto a gravel road. The next morning I was to see how beautiful the surrounding area is. They have a really nice amount of privacy at their new house. We ate soup and toast and chatted a bit. From the initial moment I locked eyes with them, I knew they were kindred spirits. They are smart and quirky and just so enjoyable to be around. I’ll be honest here, I don’t have any time left on this trip to go into details-but you can anticipate a book with MUCH MORE detail of my escapades and thoughts on Peace and conflict. I slept hard that night and woke up early to go into the shop with them. I’m not the fastest morning person, but I’ve been able to maintain an early schedule since staying at their place. That’s helpful, since the seasons are changing and I’ve been loosing riding daylight.

Richard has a ton of experience with motorcyles and scooters. I learned a lot from him and appreciated going on some rides-back of the bike. Pinata George, with chili hornsThat was a new experience for me and an enjoyable way to check out Santa Fe, if only the 8 mile drag from their shop to house. Santa Fe is a beautiful town and full of progressive citizens. I asked Meg what she loved about Santa Fe, and one of the responses was the mindset and identity of its locals. I, too, in my little time there, was very appreciative of the community consciousness. Every conversation was very authentic and people were quite upfront about their viewpoints-personal and political. I appreciated the honesty. Also, I appreciated Santa Fes building code, three stories max I think, which helps maintain a view of the gorgeous surrounding terrain. It was easy to tell I wasn’t in Anywhere, USA. Even the main drag, with its box shops, was more attractive than most places, as the buildings look adobe.

I hung around the shop most of the day. It was a bustling environment, but sporadically me, Hayley, Richard and Doug would delve into a conversation about Peace and War. They were insightful conversations amidst business as usual. I did a lot of work contacting people in Crawford, TX to set up a Pro-Peace Rally on October 13. The scooter (Audre) needed a some work. She was at 9,690 miles when she went into the shop. And running pretty damn good for all the consecutive mileage-especially since I’ve been riding hard the past two weeks. The elevation, 7,000 ft+ since Prescott, AZ had slowed her down a bit. That’s natural.

Doug, an experienced mechanic, gave her a thorough inspection. He adjusted the valves, changed the belt and the oil. Then he took her out for a test ride. The oil filter wasn’t tight enough and it came off, the oil ran out, and a piston blew. It was a mistake that Doug didn’t mean to make. He had tightened the filter, then in consideration for the next mechanic, he loosened it a bit. He heard the knocking of the piston, got off the bike, pushed it to his house, loaded it on the truck and brought it back. It was clear he felt awful about it and I didn’t want him to. Ya, we were in a jam, as it was Friday and Genuine was already closed. Columbus Day was on Monday, which meant parts wouldn’t actually arrive until Wednesday. I was expecting to have 900 miles behind me by Wednesday. People are expecting me in Crawford, TX by Saturday. It was a tough situation for us all. There are two things about this situation that I appreciate-and it’s hard to say which one more. Probably the fact that Meg gave me the engine from her Buddy125, because it got me on the road the next morning. But, equally as important was the way everyone handled the situation. We all put our heads together, problem solved and moved on. It was very professional and we made time to joke. I think they were happy that I didn’t flip out-but I saw no reason to-all you can do in a crisis is to solve it. I joke around that now I have Meg’s heart. The “heart transplant” went smoothly. Now, we are into Audre Mac OS X 10.4.11. And it’s an upgrade, for sure. Meg, thank you so much for being the most crucial Pit Crew member as of yet. Audre is burning rubber down the road. It is really amazing how fast she is now-the engine only had 1,500 miles on it when I got her. This engine was broken in at high elevation and maybe it rides faster now at sea level???I’m still learning the feel of this one. I know that the gas mileage isn’t as good as mine was, but that is probably explained by the 6mph speed gain I’ve gotten.

That night Meg and Richard took me out to dinner at Blue Corn Cafe and Brewery. I really adore them. Our conversation was interesting, covering the gamut of sexuality, movies, scootering, evolution, Peace and life stories. What I enjoyed is the way we made room for difference in opinions. I had my first chile releno, and it was so good that I ate two more the next day before I left the state. Richard had told me that he associates autumn with the smell of those peppers being roasted. Sure enough, driving around town the next day, I noticed that lovely aroma.

There is a lot more I can say about my brief time in Santa Fe. IMPEACE!I’m in a rush to post this and go meet the scooterist in Oklahoma City. I will update it soon. But I wanted to get something up and thank Meg and Richard for being amazing people. I wound up at Aztec Coffee on my way out of town and hung out with some fantastic locals. That’s also the place were I discovered the Impeace sticker and the barista gave me four to bring along! A guy that I met there called New Mexico, The Land of Entrapment, (instead of Enchantment) and I whole heartedly agreed. Definitely one of the top spots so far, and I WILL write more about it in the near future.

Speak Your Peace!

So, as you hopefully know by now, this Peace mission comes up with almost anyone I meet along the road.

I’ve been working on uniting photographs with Peace definitions-and tonight also started editing the videos I have from the trip. (although thats quite a process-so stayed tuned for that).
Here is Richard, whom I met off Hwy 50E, in Lakin, KS. When he found out about the Peace Ride, he made a comment that, “You’re to young to be a 60’s hippie.” To which my response was, “That’s exactly why I am making this ride, because my generation, in fact-all of us-need to redefine Peace outside of the 60’s.” Our technology isn’t stuck back in the 60’s-why should our idea of Peace be? So, I settled for his label, “modern hippie,” instead. Grimace. Thanks Richard, it was good to meet you-hope you stayed with the nice people at the Stagecoach Inn!

RIchard + Honda

“Peace can be many different things to many different people at many different times. But what is most important is what you do with it. I say PASS IT ON! Let your peace be the salt of the earth, it is catching.”

Remember New Orleans? Wow, that was more than two months ago. I met Dustan outside of an awesome coffeeshop with a clever name, Rue de la Course. That was early on in the trip, when I had time to indulge in conversations with many a character. Dustan is a musician and scooterist. He enjoys spontaneous creativity and is known to pack recording gear on his scoot, just in case its needed.


DUSTAN: “Peace is understanding. Not being afraid to step into the unknown, at that fork in the road at life, to find your own understanding and contentment. Thriving on your own riches.  Peace is beyond material measurement.”

“Ask for what you want”

Per conversation the other day with Jaymii.

I want a world where Peace is the goal in conflict resolution. I want a world where the power of love is much more enticing than the love of power. I want a world that creates solutions with harmony in mind, “power with,” versus “power over.” A world where People love themselves and know how to accept, celebrate and encourage diversity.

I want Press for this PEACE RIDE. This is news, right? One female, 11,000 miles, 21 states, 3 months, on a little scooter-trying to raise consciousness, promoting Peace. I want to know why this isn’t news-why the news chooses to report on tragedy, conflict, danger, chaos, destruction, Hollywood mega stars, ETC.

I want to know why the Marchers for Peace had ALL kinds of press-me-NONE.

I want to generate a buzzzz about P.E.A.C.E SCOOTER. To collect a billion definitions for the Speak your Peace project, I must reach the public.

I want all the hosts I’ve stayed with, and all myspace friends (who always have time for surveys) to take a few minutes-think about what Peace means to them-and define it on the Wall Of Peace.

I want anti-war organizations and Peace organizations to support me. I’ve written Not in Your Name, Code Pink, CIndy Sheehan, Eva Lowery and many others, numerous times- asking them to put a link to my site or endorse the Ride for Peace. This would help rally people for Crawford, TX and would have helped me find more housing also. They always write me back: “Good Luck, thanks for doing this, have fun!” Like I am on a joyride…..

I want to have people join me for yoga and a Pro Peace Rally at the “finish line” in Crawford, TX on October 13.

I want to thank all the people who have opened their hearts to me and provide immeasurable inspiration. A deep, warm bow to you.

Well, that concludes today’s exercise of positive, intentional manifestion. It feels much better to take a slightly different perspective- to focus on what I would like to have, versus mulling over what I do not. It never hurts to ask, and often in doing so, one can initiate their own empowerment of the situation.

Thank you Jaymii, for this wise, timely lesson.


Last State


Twenty One Total. I’m at the last state since I’m headed back towards Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas. Technically the two wheels were in Texas already, even if for just 10 panicky minutes-when I realize they drive fast and furious there. This early morning finds me in Colorado, the last “new” state I will visit.

Yesterday I was in Santa Fe, NM with two of my favorite hosts-Meg and Richard.

Meg, Richard, Doug, Hayley

You can look forward to a Santa Fe, NM travel blog, but for now I’m trucking along. I’m also really BUSY trying to plan for a Pro Peace Rally in Crawford, TX. This is a big complicated undertaking, harder to do alone while riding, talking to strangers about Peace and blogging. I am not sure if anyone but Daphne and Lil C will be there to meet me, but I’m REALLY okay with that. It’s just a technical finish line, as my whole life is dedicated to working for Peace. It was too hard to determine my ETA until two weeks ago, and an ETA is needed to invite hundreds of people to join you somewhere. 😉 Hopefully people will spread the word for me and I invite you to copy, paste and send forward the Crawford Blog post from Friday to Peace Organizations and friends.

Yesterday was a late start, only rode 270 miles, but I viewed some of the most amazing scenery yet. It was a bustling day, I stopped many times, met many incredible people and picked up a unique gift for Wendy, the roomie taking on all responsibility for my dog. There were quite a few U-turns made, answering to intuition, and this led to many cool meetings. Follow your bliss, fer sure! The wind was the gustiest I’ve ridden yet, up to 40mph gusts that had me on the highway shoulder for brief moments.


The heavy winds affected fuel economy pretty noticeably. I ran out of gas just 4 miles outside of my stopping point. I was traveling state route 10E to La Junta, CO, riding an hour into dark. Not a single car was behind me, and few passed, the whole 65 miles on I was on 10E. I could see the lights of town up ahead when Audre sputtered and shut down. Not only did I need gas, the moment required that I relieve myself as well, which was a tentative prospect. I was very sure that someone would only stop as soon as I met these needs out in the field. Alas, the moment was uninterrupted and moments later Debbie stopped for me.


I had to push Audre 2 blocks up to a house and ask to leave her there while we went to get a gas can. It turned out the man of the house had some gas, although it was for two stroke engines. I put just a splash in, a bit hesitant, and Debbie said she would follow me to the gas station. Four blocks away from the station, Audre sputtered out again. She sure isn’t a easy lady to push around! Debbie and I talked for a bit, it was nice to hear her story and I knew a bigger reason was behind the event timing. I haven’t actually completely run out of gas this whole trip, just came close, and Farmer John back in KS helped me out when I knew it was going to happen. Back then, the next gas station was 60 miles away-a big whopping 180 miles in between stations. It turns out that Debbie never stops to help people, as it can be dangerous to do, at night, as a female traveling alone. It also turns out that this day in time, she had been called forward as an angel to someone else, and Debbie was reveling in the day’s events. She was pretty amazed at the miles I’ve traveled and for my dedication to World Peace. Thank you for helping Debbie, and making sure I got to the motel safely. I wish you the best! Very appropriate to run out of gas on my last week, my last “new” state, and my last 1,000 miles.

I’m headed back to Salina, KS, a 330 mile ride down the country roads. The weather is chilly, with a promise of rain. Time to pull out the rain gear, finish the coffee and roll out! I want to leave you with a picture that moves my heart. This is Meg and Richard in 1969, touring Europe on his Vespa. Thirty eight years later, they own a motorcycle/scooter shop and are still very obviously in love.


Invitation for Peace Rally, Crawford, TX

I am about to complete an 11,000 mile ride for Peace. Almost 3 months ago, I left from the White House, headed to Crawford, TX, on a  scooter. My route, with just 1,500 miles left, will create a Peace sign on the U.S. Map.   Throughout my travels I have experienced extreme changes, in both climate and culture.  The scenery and people have been spectacular and have opened my eyes. Many have offered many personal stories, food, hugs, homes, and donations. I have ridden in temperatures from 105-40 degrees; ridden in the rain, hail, lightning, and heavy wind.

Perhaps many of you have never ridden a scooter, but trust me, it’s no simple task to ride 11,000 miles on 12 inch wheels going 55 mph.  Nor is it always easy to talk about Peace.

What I have discovered while traveling is a dangerous polarity concerning Peace-in the same vein as “you are for us, or against us.” That polarity can make dialog between strangers very daunting. I made deliberate efforts to leave politics and religion out of the conversation. Instead, I made it fundamental, asking, “what is YOUR vision for our future?” and “how do YOU define Peace?”

My goal is to generate dialog with everyone about Peace. Only an inclusive outreach will allow us to co-create change. I have visited communities with very conservative Bush supporters, but they have taken the time to define Peace with me.  This is a vast country, and an even bigger world. For us to know Peace, we must celebrate our diversity, using it to strengthen the common ground we do share. I have traced a Peace sign onto the US soil to remind us of our common ground, our interconnectivity.

I am opposed to this war and disgusted by this administration’s blatant abuse of my rights.  Three months ago, I reached a point in my life where I could no longer settle to go about my daily life as I knew it. I was absolutely aghast by the level of apathy, fear, and anger that runs rampant in our country.  There will be no Peace in our world, until we all integrate Peace into both the personal and political spheres of our lives.

I was driven to bring awareness to Peace and experiment with a new framework.  I say, “Don’t point one finger, point TWO.”   Point two for Peace. But also point two- as in one at yourself and one at the things you don’t like. How can YOU improve the world? How can YOU make purchasing decisions that don’t support the war-or that better benefit your community? How are YOU accountable for the injustices in our world? Because change, does, truly start with YOU.  There is no time to be apathetic, preoccupied, angry or judgemental. Other movements and revolutions have fizzled. If you want Peace in our world, work with me to embrace the idea of abundance. Change will come when we believe there is enough change to go around.

When I began this journey, I consciously set aside my political beliefs in order to listen more objectively.  At the end of a long journey, I still firmly believe that while we might always have conflict in our world, it will not be solved through war.  The bombing of nations and massacre of our soldiers and theirs has to stop.  My journey has taught me to find strength in differences, friends in strangers, and to envision viable solutions for our future. And to never stop imagining or working for more Peace.

Whether you are anti-war or pro-peace, you, too, are driven by the idea of change.
Please join me, at a pro-peace rally, October 13, 2007, in Crawford, TX.   Join me in demanding both an end to this war and accountability through the impeachment of an abusive President. Let’s demonstrate that change is possible and that, collectively, we are acting up to design a better world.

Peace, Alix B

“In seeking Truth, you have to get both sides to a story.”  
-Walter Kronkite

Grand Canyon and Musings


To my suprise, I keep falling in love with landlocked states; Tulsa, OK, Missoula, MT and Flagstaff, AZ.

Thought I was strictly a coast girl, but am starting to realize I only visit the ocean once or twice a year. Both Flagstaff and Missoula are within reasonable travel distance to the West Coast. My hometown is only four hours ways from the Outer Banks, so it’s easy to get away for a couple of days. I think a week long exodus to the Pacific would substitute nicely. Besides, there would be many things to preoccupy my time in those towns. Flagstaff is easy access to the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon. There is a big emphasis on outdoor recreation- biking, swimming, rock climbing, hiking. I also appreciated that there is a unofficial rule in town to not drive your car at least one day out of the week. That’s a start! It was very bicycle friendly, although surprisingly, no scooter shops. At least there is one 100 miles away in Prescott, AZ. That’s were I met Jim, who had contacted me awhile ago. I’m always grappling for more time in the day, so I didn’t spend anytime at all with him, as I had originally planned. I want to thank Jim for the hearty donation to P.E.A.C.E SCOOT! The drive along Highway 89 and 89A up to Prescott, Sedona, and Flagstaff is absolutely stunning. The dry beiges of southeastern California changed into greens that I wasn’t expecting to see in Arizona. The buttes and mountain peaks are gorgeous and altitude is very high, providing terrific panoramas. It’s a ride to make on two wheels! Especially if you enjoy switchbacks, which I do.

I had some friends in Flagstaff, Katie and Portia, fellow employees from Omega. Their house was very warm, a good sanctuary. Portia had just recently attended a retreat with Thich Nat Han and had some keen insight to offer me. Katie is one of my favorite people in this world. She willingly drove me out to see the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, a first for me. It was a 120 mile trek round trip, the longest time spent in a car in some time! Of course, that’s soon to change since I’m riding home from Texas with Daphne and Lil C! I was a bit jittery in the car and wistful for my scooter when I noticed all the motorcyclists along the route. The nice thing about a car is the stereo system. Katie is my music buddy. She has an amazing voice, mad guitar skills and grew up around a famous musician-her dad. Apparently, one of the Allman brothers said her dad taught him well. Music is a huge part of my friendship with Katie and we kept playing songs for each other, singing loudly along the way. It was fun.

I’ve been cross country seven times and always passed over the Grand Canyon, so I had a lot of anticipation. I wasn’t disappointed, except that we didn’t have much time to stay. That was my fault though, as I had a radio interview scheduled at 2pm on Sunday, which was the only day we could go. Anyhow, we had enough time to see the South Rim, though I understand the North Rim isn’t as touristy. No worries though. I also understand the views are different at each. The South Rim reminded me a lot of the Badlands in South Dakota, one of my favorite places. We were there as the sun was beginning its descent in the sky. This made for terrific lighting, the shadows enhancing the canyon, making the lines really pop out. They would have been bleached out in the mid day sun. A shuttle bus is the only way to pick up some of the trails, so we head over to Kaibab Trail. There was no time to hike all the way down, but we took a good walk. It was the most exercise I’ve had since Seattle, when I walked all around Bumbershoot. The altitude is really high, in Flagstaff its 7,000 feet. The sun had set so we used the camcorder light to navigate the twisty, rocky incline and to avoid donkey poop.

That was the big outing in Flagstaff. Otherwise, I slept a lot, did a bunch of writing and good eating. In my days there I had yummy Thai and Indian grub and even did some cooking for four people. I enjoyed being back in a kitchen and was glad my dish didn’t burn! Also part of the rejuvenation was hot tubbing. A certain hotel in town has a great swimming pool and hot tub that’s easy to access. Tiki torches surround the hot tub and they even provide complimentary towels. I just thought it was funny that the only people in the tub were locals. People came and went without any problems. The heat and jets relaxed my stiff muscles and I slumbered hard that night. The local coffee shops made great espresso and provided some interesting characters. I preferred Macy’s but at Late for the Train I met Mike Haverly. I was having a great catch-up conversation with Philip McCaleb until my phone ran out of juice. Mike overheard the conversation and asked how far I had traveled. He was excited because he has thought about making a cross country ride to bring awareness to people with diabilities living below the poverty line. He’s a real character, a survivor with charm and wit! Although he has a physical disability, he rides motorcycles-without modifications. I was totally inspired by our talk and his gusto-I wish him the best! Here is a comment he left on the website. I am posting it to serve as a reminder to not dream-to live out your intentions.

“After meeting you in Flagstaff AZ my wife and I discussed my undertaking a coast 2 coast ride on my ninja to highlight the needs of the disabled. We have decided to dedicate ourselves to making that happen. YOU have been an inspiration. I had been wanting to do my ride for over a year and it somehow always got shifted to the back of the to do closet. Many thanks, many group hugs, and a whole lot of love to you from us! “

Good luck Mike!

I wanted to stay in Flagstaff longer and enjoy the cool town and my lovely friends, but the finish line date is set for October 13, so I’m sticking to a tight schedule. There aren’t a lot of pics in this post, but check out the photo sets on Flickr. I am 200 miles away from Santa Fe. Yesterday I had a big, scary ride through the Indian Reservations. The landscape changed back and forth, from green forests to sprawling desert lands to red rocks and buttes. Many a chief has offered us profound quotes. I wish one chief had said, “Behold the girl who scoots for Peace, she travels our land sowing seeds and must not be run over.” Perhaps then I would be more like a white buffalo than a sitting duck. Which is my way of saying there are some CRAZY drivers on the roads I took. I was going the speed limit, 55-65, but that was apparently 20 miles under par.

Right now I am writing from the Courtyard Marriott. Of course I didn’t stay here but awhile ago I realized these places offer up free wifi and coffee. 😉
Currently talking to a gentlemen named Paul and we are rapping about the monks in Burma. He feels a bit of despair that monks are missing and being beaten. I do as well. I also respect that the monks are demonstrating non violent principles. Revolutions based on non violent principles are always the most successful. I admire that they are seeking out truth and willing to go to the lengths that we see as “extreme.” My thoughts and blessings are with them.

Namaste Alix



10 days until Crawford, TX

Sunset, Mount Humphries

Yesterday when my friend Katie got off work, we took a scooter ride up Mount Humphries. The elevation is 9,000 at the look out point-the peak is 13,000. Audre handled two people and the incline really well, bottom speed 35mph. We couldn’t have gone much faster though because of curves. We were able to make it up in time to see the end of sunset. It was a chilly ride back, but we both had look of contentment and sniffly noses when we arrived home. Somedays I don’t sit and do my meditation (gasp)- instead meditating on the vivid scenery I see. Eyes open, soaking it up, shape shifting to become part of it. The peace scoot is my daily meditation in practice I suppose.

Both me and Katie needed that ride-our eyes were glowing afterwards. I hope you see something beautiful today and it shifts your mood, brings hope and peace to your reality. Look for it-it’s there-I promise.

We came home, Katie crashed out and I watched a movie. The Lives of Others. I was completely absorbed by this movie-it is so well written, acted and directed. And it’s a conscious movie viewing experience. Definitely check it out!

From the Wall Of Peace:
“There are [at least] two ways to look at life and the world. We can see the good or the bad, the beautiful or the ugly. Both are there, and what we focus on and choose to see is what brings us feelings of joy or feelings of despair.”

-Lloyd Newell
-offered by Skipix

Burma Prayer

 This is completely cut and pasted from my inbox:

Many of you know about the non-violent protests in Burma lead by Buddhist monks, nuns and working people. You may have heard that they have been chanting a prayer as they slowly walk the streets and face the guns of the military dictatorship ruling their country.

Below is a translation of the metta sutta prayer. It’s become a global prayer for the people of Burma. Please read the prayer to yourself in support of their historic effort to make change without violence. Not since Gandhi or MLK has the world seen non-violent civil protest on this scale.

The Metta Sutta Prayer

This is the way of those who are skilled and peaceful, who seek the good and follow the path:
May they be able and upright, straightforward, of gentle speech and not proud.
May they be content and easy wherever they are.
May they be unburdened, with their senses calm.
May they be wise and not arrogant.
May they live without desire for the possessions of others.
May they do no harm to any living being.
May all beings be happy.
May they live in safety and joy.

All living beings, whether weak or strong, old or young, man or woman, smart or foolish, healthy or disabled, seen or unseen, near or distant, born or to be born, may they all be happy. Let no one deceive or despise another being, whatever their status. Let no one by anger or hatred wish harm to another.

As parents watch over their children, willing to risk their own lives to protect them, so with a boundless heart may we cherish every living being, bathing the entire world with unobstructed and unconditional loving-kindness. Standing or walking, sitting or lying down, in each moment may we remain mindful of this heart and this way of living in the world.