1 Billion Definitions of Peace


Hey folks.

I am in the process of discovering how to make Peace a part of my daily life, now that I am adjusting (sort of) to being back at home and working. There is absolutely some culture shock present and coupled with bad news about my mom’s health, life is pretty raw right now. The past three months, Peace was, quite literally, my way. Now I am exploring the patience my local C-villians have towards the topic, integrating the message into my lifestyle and searching for a way to keep this Peace project going. I keep having a reoccurring dream about the number of definitions I want to collect on the website-1 billion-in which the zeros keep flipping over and over, always erasing the standing total. It was getting a bit daunting, especially with no recent definitions left since PEACE SCOOTER ended.

Until….I saw our national debt. http://www.brillig.com/debt_clock/

Now-a billion-well it seems pretty possible.

Spoiler: The number was at $9,064,930,753,793.74 when I peeked. Student loans? Psshaw!

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