10 days until Crawford, TX

Sunset, Mount Humphries

Yesterday when my friend Katie got off work, we took a scooter ride up Mount Humphries. The elevation is 9,000 at the look out point-the peak is 13,000. Audre handled two people and the incline really well, bottom speed 35mph. We couldn’t have gone much faster though because of curves. We were able to make it up in time to see the end of sunset. It was a chilly ride back, but we both had look of contentment and sniffly noses when we arrived home. Somedays I don’t sit and do my meditation (gasp)- instead meditating on the vivid scenery I see. Eyes open, soaking it up, shape shifting to become part of it. The peace scoot is my daily meditation in practice I suppose.

Both me and Katie needed that ride-our eyes were glowing afterwards. I hope you see something beautiful today and it shifts your mood, brings hope and peace to your reality. Look for it-it’s there-I promise.

We came home, Katie crashed out and I watched a movie. The Lives of Others. I was completely absorbed by this movie-it is so well written, acted and directed. And it’s a conscious movie viewing experience. Definitely check it out!

From the Wall Of Peace:
“There are [at least] two ways to look at life and the world. We can see the good or the bad, the beautiful or the ugly. Both are there, and what we focus on and choose to see is what brings us feelings of joy or feelings of despair.”

-Lloyd Newell
-offered by Skipix

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  1. There is such beauty in the sunset. Perhaps it is a reminder that endings can be as remarkable as beginnings and as important to every day. If we don’t see that beauty because the clouds are in the way, we have to be ever faithful that there is color and magic on the other side of that gray. Peace.

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