“Ask for what you want”

Per conversation the other day with Jaymii.

I want a world where Peace is the goal in conflict resolution. I want a world where the power of love is much more enticing than the love of power. I want a world that creates solutions with harmony in mind, “power with,” versus “power over.” A world where People love themselves and know how to accept, celebrate and encourage diversity.

I want Press for this PEACE RIDE. This is news, right? One female, 11,000 miles, 21 states, 3 months, on a little scooter-trying to raise consciousness, promoting Peace. I want to know why this isn’t news-why the news chooses to report on tragedy, conflict, danger, chaos, destruction, Hollywood mega stars, ETC.

I want to know why the Marchers for Peace had ALL kinds of press-me-NONE.

I want to generate a buzzzz about P.E.A.C.E SCOOTER. To collect a billion definitions for the Speak your Peace project, I must reach the public.

I want all the hosts I’ve stayed with, and all myspace friends (who always have time for surveys) to take a few minutes-think about what Peace means to them-and define it on the Wall Of Peace.

I want anti-war organizations and Peace organizations to support me. I’ve written Not in Your Name, Code Pink, CIndy Sheehan, Eva Lowery and many others, numerous times- asking them to put a link to my site or endorse the Ride for Peace. This would help rally people for Crawford, TX and would have helped me find more housing also. They always write me back: “Good Luck, thanks for doing this, have fun!” Like I am on a joyride…..

I want to have people join me for yoga and a Pro Peace Rally at the “finish line” in Crawford, TX on October 13.

I want to thank all the people who have opened their hearts to me and provide immeasurable inspiration. A deep, warm bow to you.

Well, that concludes today’s exercise of positive, intentional manifestion. It feels much better to take a slightly different perspective- to focus on what I would like to have, versus mulling over what I do not. It never hurts to ask, and often in doing so, one can initiate their own empowerment of the situation.

Thank you Jaymii, for this wise, timely lesson.


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