Crawford Bush Action

Remember back in North Hollywood, at the NOHO scooters, I met a guy named Gabriel? Well, Gabriel had noticed that I on my bike I had a sticker of Lululemon, a company that makes yoga gear, and is his employer. I haven’t spoken with him since that day, but today, Gabe sent me this picture.
Thanks for thinking of me Gabe, it feels really good to ride across the finish line with the support of so many friends.
Right now, I am 23 miles away from Crawford. My friend Daphne and her daughter arrived around 9pm. Serendipitously, Air Force One also landed at the Crawford Ranch, aboard was the infamous cowboy himself. Tomorrow’s rally probably just became a little bigger. I know that a group of people from the Crawford Peace House will be escorting me over to the secret service checkpoint so I can mark the finish line of the Peace sign.

This morning I had a very good hour long conversation with Kay, who runs the Crawford Peace House. It was exactly what I needed to clear my head and center my heart. I appreciated her insights and am really excited to meet her tomorrow.

If you can not be with us tomorrow, please join us through a moment of silence at 1:08 pm. Take the moment to envision the future you wish to have, and offer a prayer for World Peace.

This journey has been an opportunity to engage thousands of Americans in conversation about the meaning of Peace. Tomorrow is not just the end of a journey to end a war, instead, I am continuing the movement to create a consciousness in sustainable peace and justice in the world.

I will have more to write soon, of course. At 4pm, we will be driving down to Austin, TX. Steve Guzman is hosting a “toast and celebration,” at Urban Moto. His invite is cleverly written, saying:

“Oh and to put 11,000 miles into perspective. If Alix could ride her scooter from Austin back to the city where her Genuine Buddy was built, in Taiwan, it would only be 7,784 miles. If she were to ride another 1,400 miles after she reaches Crawford, she would have ridden the distance from the North Pole to the South Pole. “

1:08 pm, Texas Time (mountain time)-don’t forget. Honestly, if you don’t synchronize, no worries-just at some moment in your day, think about Peace. And know that I appreciate your support the past 12 weeks!

Crawford Peace Rally Flyer

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  1. Hope you’ll come on down to Austin after Crawford.
    October 20th is the Keep Austin Good event.
    We’d be happy to see you there!

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