Invitation for Peace Rally, Crawford, TX

I am about to complete an 11,000 mile ride for Peace. Almost 3 months ago, I left from the White House, headed to Crawford, TX, on a  scooter. My route, with just 1,500 miles left, will create a Peace sign on the U.S. Map.   Throughout my travels I have experienced extreme changes, in both climate and culture.  The scenery and people have been spectacular and have opened my eyes. Many have offered many personal stories, food, hugs, homes, and donations. I have ridden in temperatures from 105-40 degrees; ridden in the rain, hail, lightning, and heavy wind.

Perhaps many of you have never ridden a scooter, but trust me, it’s no simple task to ride 11,000 miles on 12 inch wheels going 55 mph.  Nor is it always easy to talk about Peace.

What I have discovered while traveling is a dangerous polarity concerning Peace-in the same vein as “you are for us, or against us.” That polarity can make dialog between strangers very daunting. I made deliberate efforts to leave politics and religion out of the conversation. Instead, I made it fundamental, asking, “what is YOUR vision for our future?” and “how do YOU define Peace?”

My goal is to generate dialog with everyone about Peace. Only an inclusive outreach will allow us to co-create change. I have visited communities with very conservative Bush supporters, but they have taken the time to define Peace with me.  This is a vast country, and an even bigger world. For us to know Peace, we must celebrate our diversity, using it to strengthen the common ground we do share. I have traced a Peace sign onto the US soil to remind us of our common ground, our interconnectivity.

I am opposed to this war and disgusted by this administration’s blatant abuse of my rights.  Three months ago, I reached a point in my life where I could no longer settle to go about my daily life as I knew it. I was absolutely aghast by the level of apathy, fear, and anger that runs rampant in our country.  There will be no Peace in our world, until we all integrate Peace into both the personal and political spheres of our lives.

I was driven to bring awareness to Peace and experiment with a new framework.  I say, “Don’t point one finger, point TWO.”   Point two for Peace. But also point two- as in one at yourself and one at the things you don’t like. How can YOU improve the world? How can YOU make purchasing decisions that don’t support the war-or that better benefit your community? How are YOU accountable for the injustices in our world? Because change, does, truly start with YOU.  There is no time to be apathetic, preoccupied, angry or judgemental. Other movements and revolutions have fizzled. If you want Peace in our world, work with me to embrace the idea of abundance. Change will come when we believe there is enough change to go around.

When I began this journey, I consciously set aside my political beliefs in order to listen more objectively.  At the end of a long journey, I still firmly believe that while we might always have conflict in our world, it will not be solved through war.  The bombing of nations and massacre of our soldiers and theirs has to stop.  My journey has taught me to find strength in differences, friends in strangers, and to envision viable solutions for our future. And to never stop imagining or working for more Peace.

Whether you are anti-war or pro-peace, you, too, are driven by the idea of change.
Please join me, at a pro-peace rally, October 13, 2007, in Crawford, TX.   Join me in demanding both an end to this war and accountability through the impeachment of an abusive President. Let’s demonstrate that change is possible and that, collectively, we are acting up to design a better world.

Peace, Alix B

“In seeking Truth, you have to get both sides to a story.”  
-Walter Kronkite

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