Peaceful Demonstrator Arrested

When I first started traveling alone and asking people what turns out to be a very personal question, I had to fight off some fears. Often, I see this question proposed, “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?” Well, what do you do when you are afraid? That seems to be a pertinent question .

Why was I fearful? Because it has become difficult, sometimes violent, to talk about Peace. I had no idea how challenging it would be to have people leave politics out of a Peace discussion. Many people saw my question as antagonistic. Oh really? Asking what your vision for our future is, or how you define Peace, is antagonistic? I believe our government is AFRAID of a nation waking up and demanding accountability. When we stand as a nation that has put aside fleeting consumer interests and nonchalant apathy, we will be a threat to the way the game is currently played. If you believe in war, I hope you change your mind. I hope we can at least agree that free speech is our Constitutional right. I hope that soon people realize we need to separate the intertwined threads of corruption pervading our government-corruption that is whittling away our right to free speech. Many people told me this summer that they support the war because our American freedom was under attack. The biggest threat on our freedom is coming from within-the threat on our Constitutional rights. It really can’t be denied. There are tons of people to testify to it, and tons of independent media to prove it. Homeland Security is taking away the comfortability we should have to logically question our governments actions and to peacefully dissent.

Our country was established by dissenters and throughout its evolution, “dissenters,” have worked for social justice. Just think voting rights, for both blacks and women, for example. I know people are afraid, maybe they can’t name it, but it’s easy to see in their reactions, just from a simple question like, “How do you define Peace?” A lot of people tell me and Daphne, “Well, I don’t believe in Peace.” But, when prodded, often they have no definition to offer. Don’t you have to know WHAT it IS before you don’t believe in it? Most people define Peace as the absence of War and conclude by saying we will never be without War.

It’s dangerous to find ourselves in this rut of disbelief. Americans don’t seem to think Peace is possible-and it won’t be if we can’t imagine its existence. I just wish people would apply an equal measure of logic to situations. If I told myself repeatedly that I was a failure, I would create one of those “self fulfilling prophecies.” As a culture, we emphasize the importance of living your dream, conquering your obstacles-you can overcome any obstacle if you want it bad enough. Thats at least how we justify horrible underfunding for schools in the ghettos. By gosh, we tell people-If you want a good future, claw out from the ghetto, despite the corner the system shoved you into.

We will continue to have War if we don’t think it’s possible, or WORTHY to have Peace. And apparently, all those working diligently to remind the government that there are CHECKS AND BALANCES to uphold, are a threat. Even a Democratic Representative was rebuked yesterday by Pelosi and forced into apology for his comments against the war. I came across these CODE PINK videos of yesterday’s arrests for peacefully demonstrating, and the above torrents of thought began racing. Whether or not you share the beliefs of CODE PINK, just remember, they were not doing anything illegal or threatening. One held up a peace sign with her fingers and the other was simply wearing pink. Security officers on Capitol Hill have become infuriated with CODE PINKS daily presence. I think they are afraid of CODE PINK. I do not understand how our government approves of treating its citizens like this-or what we do to stop them. What do you do when you are afraid-hide, drink, shop, strike out, or STEP-UP? Please watch the videos below. And will you please leave your definition of Peace on the Wall (click here)
Love, Alix

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