On the road again


You can imagine my excitement over the past two weeks-presenting two wheel journeys to you while preparing for my own. I’m exhausted yet in a very calm state of mind. The work that I’ve put into preparations for the past couple of months taken shape. Thank you to every kind person who has helped thus far, you are helping launch this dream. It is a joyful experience to know you are reading along and supporting me in the ways you can. Your letters of encouragement are fuel….

And so the day is here. It is the day, and somehow, I even have time to rest well before the journey begins in 8 hours. I will awaken, have some coffee, pack the scooter up, meet my mom at the crossroads for a hug. Then “officially” leave from Scoot Richmond, at noon, today, May 2, to complete the 9,000 miles remaining in a 20,000 mile ride.. The floss is packed, the sleeping bag is stuffed, and my helmet is covered in reflective tape. I am ready to complete the largest Peace sign yet. To put Peace on the map and hopefully inspire people to define Peace, to help their community and to be better landlords of our planet Earth. (a fancy way of saying be environmentally conscious) OH, and to have a grand ol’ adventure while doing so.

Adventure? Not without YOU. If you are in RVA, feel free to come out at noon and marvel at the amount of crap I have fit onto the scooter. Or just say HI, high five or even ride down Hull Street with me.

Tomorrow is International Women’s Ride Day, so ladies, giddy-up.

Peace and love y’all, I can’t wait to be ON THE ROAD AGAIN.

For more great reading (but make some time for your OWN scooting)the final three long distance scooterist stories are below:

Tom Smith: In the Long Run: A Hopeful World Odyssey. Ok, so Tom is only the second guy I’ve found who has done the distance Matua plans to ride. In 1986, he began a 34,000 mile scooter journey around the world. His answer to “Why?”

“Finally, I came up with this project: to go around the world promoting friendship and international communication, to use and develop my skills as a writer and photographer, and to grow as an individual in the process.”

3 months, 11,000 miles, on a moped! The year is 1978, I was playing with Hot Wheels, age 4.

Second Chance Tour: 2 gents retrace the same route they had taken 50 years before, on scooters, through Europe. http://www.genuinescooters.com/2ct/index.html

Raffle Winners


*Wendy, our lottery host*


Earlier today I drew the names of the winners, contacted them and mailed off the prizes. Thank you to those who contributed and your enthusiasm for winning has been contagious. All day long I felt like I won too! Really, we all win, and I want to put emphasis on that.

Only a small portion of money helps P.E.A.C.E Scooter expenses; fuel, food, lodging. Most of the money raised through these raffles is actually going to non profit organizations who work really hard to improve our world, who provide education and help maintain a quality of life for us all. And they do so without a guarantee of income year to year; often writing/depending on government grants for funding.

They provide needed services and rely on donations. They don’t get to write off Concord flights to Paris in the name of research. These organizations are the true heartbeat of America. They win, and we’ve raised $480 for them in the past two weeks. Yep, I hope we can do even better-there will be raffles for the next 12 weeks to aid in fund raising.

The golden ticket winners for this round were:

Genuine Shop Jacket: Lauren

Patches: “Firebird”

Ciao Tshirt: Mickie

Child of the Universe, art print by Ben Heine: Mary Hazelwood

Corazzo Gloves: Amy

Sctrcst Tshirt: Matthew David

GPS: Cheryl

Scooter Seat Cover: J.Mazza



Thanks so much everyone.


I arrived home late last night, after two weeks out of town.


The 65 mile ride home, through VA countryside at sunset, whet my appetite for what is ahead. As far as heads, Chelsea, lovely owner of the Scoot Richmond empire, graciously donated a helmet. I’m now riding with a Z1R stance helmet. Noticeable differences already are cushion, comfort and noise reduction. It’s also just a wee bit bigger and can not tuck away under the seat. Bit bummed about that but really grateful to have better head protection. She also threw in a monkey keychain, of which there are yet no pics, but keep your eyes out for it. This monkey, as my co-pilot, needs a good name.

The bike just zipped home. Her weeks at the spa were needed, after last years 11,000 mile ride. Scoot Richmond was very kind to help out so much-they have been an important part of the pit crew. The bike is staying stock which meant no performance pipe for me. The lovely, eccentric and talented mechanic Dave changed the roller weights, front/back brakes, belt, oil, filter, clutch spring, horn, tires, and fuel filter. Isn’t it quite amazing that my front tire was JUST changed? This is probably due to all the weight going on the back of the bike. Which reminds me of all the things I need to start packing.

There were several great packages waiting to be ripped open! Tourmaster donated a women’s Sentinel jacket/pants. This suit is a crucial component in endurance riding and worth the tenacious pursuit I put into it. Last year I bought a $10 rain suit through Campmor, and well, it was barely worth that much. Plus there was nothing breathable nor reflective about the fabric.



This jacket by Helmet House is designed, patterned and styled specifically for women. I’m wearing a size small in both pants and jacket and they fit perfectly over my riding pants/jacket. It features an Aqua-Barrier under-the-helmet hood to eliminate seepage in the collar area and reflective piping for visibility. The hood easily stows in a hidden collar pocket and the pants zip to the jacket. A pouch for storing them is included, allowing more cargo room for all the other stuff I’ll have. Thanks Helmet House and Tourmaster!
I finally located some good pants, a purchase I had hoped not to make. A company had approached me, touting fancy, strong riding pants, but then they dropped off the face of the Earth. Last minute I bought some Carhartts. They are great jeans but I’m also wearing nice Alpinestar knee armor that will go underneath. Those knee pads are provided by Linda, aka TurtleVespa, who contacted me through scooterdiva.com. You never know when an accident could happen, so it’s best to be prepared. I did a test run under the jeans last night and found them comfortable. They will probably get a bit sweaty, but safety is a priority.

Right now I’m looking at heaps of stuff and deliberating my organizing process. Will film this as I’m doing it-for future reference anyone else might need.

Green Buy-Ways

***Only 2.5 days left in the raffles!!! Buy tix now and help fuel a good cause!

Hey y’all

Well, the launch of P.E.A.C.E Scooter 08 is coming up, in just 4 days. I am back in the South, after relocating my stuff up to Maine. alix-marco-arrive-181.JPGYesterday was a sad day of farewells to Daphne and Marco. The thought ran through my mind that my dog Marco is at Peace when I am with him, taking him for long walks and playing ball. In a sense, I am destroying his Peace by traveling to promote Peace. It was a glum day but now I’m back in gear-taking care of last minute details. Like finding pants and getting the scooter fully tuned at Scoot Richmond. And researching my carbon offsets.

That’s right.

The 2nd “E” in P.E.A.C.E is for Environment.I want to reduce my carbon footprint as much as possible, a challenge when traveling and using petrol. The other day this topic came up on modernbuddy.com, concerning my CO2 output. Obviously, if I were traveling by car, at least 4x more pounds of carbon would be released into the air. Yes, I am using one of the most fuel efficient vehicles. And if my actions can convince just one person to purchase a scooter, I’ve earned points so to speak. But what is up for discussion here is every little detail…..

I’m going to assess what “bad” I’m doing-much of what can’t be avoided, avoid it if I can, but challenge myself to offset my polluted ways. It’s a good way for us to see what little things add up. Not to beat ourselves up, but to make more conscious decisions when we can. I’ve spent today furthering my education through some amazing websites. My dear friend Jessica works for the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay and she is helping point me in the right directions. I agree with her that every community is affected by the amount and quality of water available.

Now carbon offsets-ways to balance what pollution I do in effect make. This could be done by planting trees for example, which I’ve been exploring. One notable website I came across was Plant a Billion trees-a good endeavor-but I’m looking for something more community focused. That website led me to treehugger.com and Planet Green, two incredible resources and incredible vacuums of time-get a cookie and spend the day there.

For instance, today I learned about my ‘”water footprint,”that it takes almost 19gallons of water for the apple you might opt to have for a nutritious snack. Does this mean no apples? Heck no. But keep in mind that it takes 1860 gallons per pound of beef. I have no beef with apples, but I won’t be eating beef-that’s the kind of compromise I can make.

Jessica also gave me some suggestions on my goal to mow a lawn in every state. While appreciating the idea, she also encouraged me to talk about the emissions coming from a gas powered mower.

“Apparently, the EPA estimates that air pollution from cutting grass for an hour with a gasoline powered lawn mower is about the same as that from a 100-mile automobile ride. 54 million Americans mowing their lawns each weekend with gas-powered mowers may be contributing as much as five percent of the nation’s air pollution.”

Which means that Black and Decker are going to be invited as sponsors of P.E.A.C.E Scooter. My idea here is to invite them to donate one of their new electric mowers. Then, each person who allows me to mow their lawn into a Peace sign will be entered into a raffle to win this cool electric mower.

I’ve also reached out to some experts for advice on what will make travel on these by-ways as green as possible. Feel free to offer advice to me-we all need it!!!!

Tread lightly, so we can all tread longer…..

This idea would have made a great tshirt, says Daphne, “What goes around, comes around-with the closeup of a scooter tire with a peace sign on it….”

Will keep you posted on other stuff as it arises. For now I’m waiting for the scoot to be fixed, driving home to Cville, packing her up and then driving back down to Richmond for the scoot off on Friday.

2 Weeks left!

The rental truck had been changed to say “Loving Up” instead of “Moving Up”Loving up

I am so excited that P.E.A.C.E SCOOTER starts two weeks from today. The 11,000 mile, 12 week ride last year was made within just 40 days of its conception. That brief time was all I had to handle almost every planning aspect. Then before I knew it, the scooter was loaded up and I was headed down the Blue Ridge Parkway.

I stopped in Crawford, TX because there was no one left to keep the dog, no more money, no more nice weather. Since my arrival back home, I’ve scrutinized the lessons learned. I decided I needed to reach more people and that I wanted to help more people. This has been easier with more advance notice!

It’s been fantastic to already hear from so many people about places to stay. Within this time frame last year, the website had JUST gone up. That gives you an idea of my determination and enthusiasm to promote inner peace, community and environment. I am genuinely driven to help in any way I can to make this world better. And yes, I think we need to talk about Peace until it is no longer a controversial word. Until obtaining it is just as natural as keeping good health!

In the remaining two weeks, I’m contacting people around the country, finalizing my route, printing the maps out, locating campgrounds, trying to score a free helmet, collecting documentary equipment, and looking for ways I can help in communities.

And I just completed a big move. Since my lease was up in July, when I would be traveling, I went ahead and moved.

I had to rent a mongo truck and suck up the terrible gas mileage. It was about 12 mpg-a far cry from the 90 mpg I’m used to. Now all my stuff is moved and my pup is settling in to the place he will call home while I am riding 9,000 miles. Paying so much at the pump definitely has me worried about expenses. Although, there just isn’t another time to complete this epic 20,000 mile ride. I feel like now is the time to travel and help out, to talk about these “sensitive” subjects and especially to promote alternative transportation. At least there are some things in place to help generate funds. In addition to raffles, and tshirts, I’ve been hired to do some work finding and posting blogs on a very cool website, www.thesecondroad.org. I’m really honored to work with this crew. I might only have 5 hours a week to help when traveling, but that can cover gas for the week…..

That’s the update for now, thanks for your support. PEACE!

Countdown is on

My friends, a package containing 2,000 postcards arrived on Friday. 2,000 PostcardsThat just so happened to start the clock ticking-the official 4 week countdown has now started. When they arrived I had a total rush of excitement. Wow, this is really going to happen in just one month. I remember how astounded I was last year-giddy and delirious from just 40 days of planning.

While I don’t feel like there is a moment to spare, I also don’t feel panicked. Fortunately, worked ended for me on Monday. I have now joined the ranks of broke Peace crusaders.

Things are coming together in quite an amazing way. Definitely want to thank everyone who is dropping by to check out the page. Wondering how people are hearing about it? Sadly, a few people have written to tell me I’m missing their town/state. I know, I know. The U.S. map is a bit unwieldy to create a peace sign and visit every state. My apologies to those whom I won’t meet, but stay tuned through the website and let your friends/family know about it.

Of course this year I’ve enjoyed having months to plan ahead. While many sponsorship requests have gone unanswered, some very fine people have jumped on board to donate needed supplies. Today my community Whole Foods sent me a letter confirming their willingness (and joy) to prepare me a care package. This means that I can save expenses on food, but most importantly, I can keep eating healthy. Last year my nutrition suffered a little, so their gift is a great comfort. They have generously offered a $100 gift card, coffee, soap, lotion, trail mix, multi-vitamins, and Liquid Braggs. It’s exciting news!

I might as well go ahead and announce that raffles will start next week. One of my main sponsors, Scooterworks, has agreed to provide prizes once a week, more than half the money raised will be donated. Don’t forget that P.E.A.C.E Scooter 08 has a goal to raise $1 per 1 mile driven. New raffles will go up weekly, starting Monday. Winners will be drawn every Sunday, the ENTIRE 12 weeks that I am riding! Now the raffle that starts next week will run for 2 weeks and there is a variety of prizes in the mix. A sneak peek you ask? Sure.

A garmin GPS, but that’s the only surprise I will unveil as of yet. Trust me, there are some sweet prizes that have been kindly donated from a few people-even from a swell guy all the way over in Brussels.

Big thanks to those offering places to stay and to all the lovely town folk here in Cville trying to contact their friends around the country. The past week I’ve stopped often to reflect on just how great my hometown is. Many people have come forward with encouragement and big hugs that just set me blushing.
And they’ve come forward with press and donations. Big donations. To be continued…..


Riding with the Shield

Ladies and gents: I am very happy and grateful to announce the GREAT news that Corazzo is supporting P.E.A.C.E Scoot by providing three crucial items for the long miles ahead.

Corazzo never ceases to amaze me. This young company is skyrocketing because their product is “By scooterists for scooterists,” and because it has superior design that all two-wheel riders need. But you know what really finished it all off?? They are all around solid guys/gals. They scoot hard, work hard and have a lot of laughs.


Each product they design raises the bar in style, function and purpose. If you are new to scooters or are considering buying a scooter, let me emphasize the importance of good gear.

Corazzo offers riding apparel that delivers “abrasion protection, CE rated impact protection and increased visibility while offering an award winning style. In short, our jackets are just as cool in the coffee shop as they are on your bike.”

And that’s a true statement….

I’ve worn my jacket to many a coffeshop…..
Oh and last summer, when I flew off the scooter and slid across gravel-there were no rips. (did I ever mention that to anyone?)

At the last minute before the trip last year, I purchased a 5.0 jacket from Corazzo. I fretted for 2 days that the size would be wrong, or that it wouldn’t arrive in time. No worries, they got it to me, they were encouraging and the jacket was perfect. I’m looking forward to another 9,000 miles in it.

Box of Goodies

I finally reclaimed the Corazzo box from a sketchy neighbor, who had actually OPENED it. While the jerk might have taken away the excitement about opening a package-I’m the one who gets to keep the AMAZING GOODIES INSIDE. Said items are Gloves, Underhoody and Messenger Bag. How did I survive without the messenger bag last year?? I’ll film a little video of me packing it up right before I leave-it has more room than I estimated!!!

The underhoody is excellently constructed. It’s lightweight, it’s soft and there are thumbholes in the sleeves-so it doesn’t get all phooey and caught up when you slip on your jacket.

It’s going to be so useful on those chillier days when the ride must go on. Like all the way up the foggy Pacific Coastal Highway…… all the way up an over to Portland to visit the shop again, hang out with some great peeps and give thanks. Oh, and to challenge a certain salesman to some foozball. Stay tuned for news about other P.E.A.C.E supporters, coming up soon. And ya know, some Genuine props are always in order-America’s Smallest, but Bestest Scooter Company!



p.e.a.c.e happenings

Warning, there are many plugs in this blog. They all represent good things and people, (except for the part about the sponsor who dissed me) so it is safe and enjoyable to proceed.

Today I met with Brendan, who works at our cutting edge local weekly paper, C-ville news. He had previously expressed interest in covering P.E.A.C.E Scooter. However, true serendipity lies in the fact that the news wanted to cover the recipient of next weeks CLAW tournament. I’m so friggin excited that it’s ME, allowing me a chance to talk about my favorite things; arm wrasslin and peace scootin’. The only downside of the video below is that you can not see the little jack-e-lope over my head-which is stealing my mojo. Can’t explain it-tattoo me, spank me, make me run 5 miles or ride a scooter 20,000-but jack-e-lopes freak me out. Watch for a glimpse of it at the end-if you can take your eyes away from the exciting thumbwrastling match!

Last week I cut a little video trailer for you about the upcoming podcast with Dave Mangano, of SCTRCST.COM. He did a really amazing job, of listening, as I rattle on and on. But there are some pretty hilarious exchanges between us and I hope you take some time to sit back and listen to it. While you are on his site, poke around and explore the other notable podcasts he has up; like interviews with Peter Moore (Vroom with a View) and Matua, from Vespadition.

The past week has yielded some progress with P.E.A.C.E Scoot planning. The grapevine has been buzzing and more kind people are contacting me about housing and even offering donations. The Peace map has seen three new additions this week: Dave Mangano, Steven Davis and Heinz Kramp-thank you all kindly. A friend contacted me and said she has a lawn and I can mow it into a Peace sign. That takes care of North Cackalacky. PJ Chmiel offered up a shiny new 2008 tour postcard that tells the story through last years photos. They should arrive this week.

Three new sponsors have confirmed interest-although I’m not counting the chickens yet. Two weeks ago I had a very promising, great chat with the head distributor from Nolan helmets. He confirmed that CIMA/Nolan would enthusiastically support the tour with a delicious, fancy intercom helmet. And since then he has left the line cold-no returned emails or phone calls. Very sad indeed. Now the search for a good helmet continues.

I sent very few sponsorship requests-I need very little. Instead I’m trying to contact peace, community, and environmental organizations around the country and also companies who can help fundraise. The few I’ve sent out for actual goods have scored about 2-5. At least people are writing me back immediately with their NO’s-the waiting game requires a lot of patience. All in all-I have a feeling that every thing will work out smoothly, no need for worry.

As of now I need a helmet, good lightweight travel stove, camelbak, camping towel, raingear, and hopefully some type of grocery store gift card. And phone-great David-my piece of crap refurbished phone can barely make it down the street.

Barista work has all but ceased starting this week-just two shifts this week-a massive relief. I think I might just be able to rejuvenate before the long haul starts. At least my sanity will be preserved. Perhaps no one knows that I have been suffering through shifts since the new cook started. I now work with the chattiest man I’ve EVER met-and I can talk a lot. I lost my voice the week he started.

OH- but good news is that I picked up a new job today, one that I can actually do from the road. I am excited to announce that team lalala has hired me on as a beta-tester. It’s a great team of people whom I admire and who have good energy. Since the software is in the works, I won’t offer details. I’m just really interested in the project and happy to generate a wee little income while traveling. Great opportunity, for reals.

In other news my favorite scooter company owner and vegetarian, Philip, should be back in country soon and I will hear news on the engine plans for Audre. Today-weather gloomy, cold and wet. Good night to watch a flick. Ciao!

2008 Postcard

2008 P.E.A.C.E.TOUR

2008 P.E.A.C.E Scooter Post Card

2008 Postcard Back

Many thanks to PJ Chmiel for his craftmanship and patience. I just ordered 2,000 of these cards to distribute all across our country; from border to border, coast to coast. To see the 2007 tour postcard, click here.

The seed of this trip has always been to discover how individuals and commmunities define, promote, and work towards Peace. The postcard is meant to invite the people I meet to join the dialogue, and to have them invite someone else by gifting them with the post card.

So, yes, its the gift that keeps giving, keeps circulating-because hopefully one card will get two people to the website. It will be interesting to watch where the cards wind up. If a person can’t think of anyone to send it to-well, they can send it to ME! Daphne kindly donated a P.O. Box. Now you can send me mail and she will help get it to me!

The address is:
P.O. Box 452

This year PJ chose pictures from my flickr account-to show the many incredible people, places and things that I experienced along the 11,000 mile journey. It was very hard to help him choose-I took more than 2,000 photos in 3 months. The ‘Dear Mom’ bit on the front is a tribute to my moms-for bringing me here. Of course in her mind I’m still 14 and so she’s trying to get behind me on this trip….

Now just one week until the cards come in! Four weeks before I am on the road!

From the heart this time

The past week I’ve been movin and shakin. Whew. Glad I have unlimited access to espresso at work….

I’m really happy to present some news to you about….

Obviously, the beautiful reconstruction of the website, with more upgrades on the way, plus a big surprise soon! I was fortunate enough to cross paths with a great designer, Meghan, who is kindhearted and humorous too. I discovered her through Matua. I still would like to tell you all about his trip, especially since he is leaving REALLY SOON, but for now, head over to his site when you are done reading here…

Working 9 days in a row, 40+ hours means life is a whirlwind right now. In between shifts, I’ve been teaching myself the ins and outs of all my tech gadgets I have. That could make a person grumpy, but I’ve fastened the seatbelt and watched hours fly by while video editing and learning what the heck “codecs” are. The p.e.a.c.e scooter video featured earlier in the month has been remade. The message didn’t reflect my heart, so I went back in and produced a video short that I’m really pleased to offer you.

GENUINE SCOOTERS is back on board, Philip having giving his blessing to p.e.a.c.e scooter 2.0
I hadn’t really spoken in extent to Philip since Flagstaff, AZ and enjoyed our two hour conversation that delved through many topics. He’s a great guy and I find it bizarre that I haven’t actually met him, for the amount of insight he has brought into my life….that being said…

I am so happy that Genuine is not just supporting the mechanical aspects of the p.e.a.c.e ride, offering tune-ups along the way, but they are also endorsing it. I received far more than just a scooter when I submitted my first proposal to the company and it’s great to know they have my back. Genuine is helping fund some graphic designs, which means the talented character PJ is back on the pit crew. He’s a hoss in his own right, also part of the 10k scooter club, after completing his R.A.M.B.L.E in ’06. Within the week I will be able to show you some of his goodies. Basically, they are lending me an initial helping hand so that I can print tshirts to raise funds for the trip. Many thanks for helping me in a tight spot!

I noticed that Genuine has a Love Bus on the road, so it’s nice to know they are sending out some “Peace and Love,” to America!

That’s a brief update for now-time to go sling espresso. But please, check out the new video, hosted by vimeo, which excitedly, is the most hassle free, high def, video host I’ve yet used. Their site is just the all around best! Peace!

p.e.a.c.e scooter from Alix Bryan on Vimeo.

“Life ain’t nothing but a good crew, a good mix tape to put you in the right mood”

My first Grand

As I write this, the clouds hang heavy in the sky, casting some grey light on today’s departure to Atlanta. Appropriately though, as recently I can’t seem to leave on a sunny day. My friend calls it the “Truman Ride.” It’s not that bad really, 2 for 2. However, when I left Charlottesville, VA on Thursday the 19, it was the first time Audrey the P.E.A.C.E SCOOTER was fully gear laden. Every time I started to load up, a severe thunderstorm would roll in. Philip Mccaleb called to say Hi and wondered why I wasn’t on the road, until he heard the heavy thunder in the background! I was really fidgety and wanted to get some miles out of the way, plus Jaymii in Asheville was expecting me the next day. At 5pm it seemed like the skies were good and clear-even the weather in Danville, 120 miles away said “sunny.” I was on the road by 6pm, stopping off at my favorite local places for a cup of espresso and goodbyes. Only 15 minutes outside of town the rain started lightly, eventually developing into hail. I did not want to be deterred though, so I pushed ahead. There was a lot of stop and go, and the weather would cease, until I got back on the bike-then it would start right back up! It was a good test run-all my gear stayed totally dry! I was riding in the dark, something I prefer not to do, but haven’t developed a good rhythm yet-so it happens. The storm hit a severe level-lightening was hitting closely all around me, hail was falling, there was flash flooding and I was only heading into the moist heart of it all. I jumped off the byway, unfortunately, on to another byway (i hate that) and found a florescent mecca for shelter. The rain let up and I scrambled to find a cheap motel. I got a look at the weather forecast and it seemed the storm system was only hovering above my two destination states!

The next morning I rose early, prepared for a soggy day, but there was only a bit of rain. It seems if I keep my rain pants on, the rain doesn’t fall-oh irony! I cruised 29S over to 58E. I have done a little over 400 miles now on 29, named after the 29th Infantry Division-it’s the South afterall. This road covers substantial terrain, and will abruptly transport you from rolling countryside one laner to a four lane metro byway. I was headed over to the Blue Ridge Parkway and really excited about taking it the Southern route all the way into Asheville. Once I hit the entrance I fueled up-fuel is really scarce on the parkway. There, a curious gentleman approached me and struck up a 30 minute conversation. Grover was a great fella to talk to and he warned me there was no way I would hit Asheville by evening. When I came out of the station, he handed me a $20, saying I was doing something he always wished to do. It turns out he was correct. Even though the actual mileage to Asheville was 180 from the entrance, it took me another day to get there!

I am completely in awe of this drive along the Parkway, and its been in my backyard this whole time. I kept thinking of Laird Van Dyck’s cross country drive on the BRP, cruising a Metropolitan 2, nonetheless, at top speeds of 20mph. Thankfully, a lot of conservation effort has gone into this 469 mile stretch through astounding terrain. I only hope that we put this much energy into conserving the rest of America’s beauty. My first appreciative observation was the absence of big, obtrusive road signs and tacky billboards. The signage was quaint, limited to the necessary and tiny. No one was in a rush, and I reveled at the lack of traffic around 5pm- rush hour time in some big city on a Friday! I talked to a couple of cage drivers and it was taking them about 8 hours to cover 120 miles! I started to suspect that I would need a place to camp….you don’t want to fly past all this beautiful scenery. It was really magical.

Ghost Mountains

I have never made a ride like that by myself. There are tons of bikers out on the BRP, and they were all very nice to me. A few just looked away, but most were inquisitive. One biker said, “9,000 miles-you’re just as crazy as me!” I did head into a biker bar to check it out and grab dinner. Hydration and food are key to these long trips-I am discovering-it is more important to relax about the ETA and enjoy the journey itself. Every one was friendly at the bar and the lady running the place said, “oh thats different,” when I told her about my trip. I recommend their Station’s Inn as a haven along the BRP. It felt safe and clean, a lot of experienced bikers were there after enjoying the ride! That night I headed back to ten miles to the Doughton State Park Campground for a long slumber in my new tent.

The ride down the BRP really developed my relationship to the new bike! The route is two lanes cutting through summits and plummets, with no guard on the sides. There was no barrier between me and the beautiful country. Scooting makes for easy on and off, so I snapped a lot of pictures that others had to wait for pull-offs to get. The turns were sometimes tight-sometimes gentle and long. The road is a bit bumpy, but totally comfortable for scooterists-even though I saw no others. The bike made people really curious-I couldn’t even get out of the park for 3 hours after I woke up! But I had some really good talks with other campers and especially connected with a family who are members of the Church of the Brethren. It turns out this is one of the historic Peace keeping churches, many members have been conscientious war objectors. The church even decided not to offer refugee aid in this Iraq war, a first ever, because they did not accept the political modus operandi. Michael, Christopher, Madeline and Louise were so excited, encouraging and even financially supportive of the P.E.A.C.E SCOOTER. This trip is meant to be inclusive; to avoid the often restrictive nature of political and religious perspectives; to find a common ground-and we did.

One thought that is marinating in my head as of late, is,” let’s make the political, personal.” The mantra I have always heard and incorporated, was,” let’s make the personal, political.” I feel as though its time for us to stand back from the hazy political framing of social agendas and personally define peace. Of course the way we personally choose to live out our lives becomes a statement, whether or not we intend it to. But, often our personal lives have nothing to do with politics. For example, I know great people who are anti-war (politically wanting peace) but who are still sexist, bullemic, on anti-depressants and throw their cigarettes on the ground (personally and environmentally-not peaceful). I read in Kalle Lasn’s, Culture Jam, that something like 75% of Americans are diagnosed with a mental disorder of some sorts-be it depression, weight complex, insomnia, etc. Now, that might be an example of how the personal is political, because our big businesses and the government should be held accountable for selling myths or providing inadequate health care. There in is the personal though, because we NEED TO SEE THROUGH THIS AND DEMAND MORE-after all-it’s ALL OURS. And we have been taught to expect more, more, more all the time. Why aren’t we demanding more of the good stuff? Why aren’t we demanding policy designed to benefit ourselves and others? Why is it idealistic to think we can deserve the same quality health care Canadians have? Thats why I think it’s time to make the political personal.
We must personally reckon with the limitations and injustices our nation continues to accept. We do. The end!
I know I am asking myself “why would I continue to accept this standard of living?” Some beautiful soul wrote on the Wall of Beliefs, “It is no coincidence that the people of this nation are by and large, far too busy keeping their heads above water to take a stand against a government which acts against their will, on behalf of many, in the interest of few.” (by the way-use the Wall of Beliefs if you haven’t already-its a WE space)
It’s a culture of Peace that I am talking about-how you relate with yourself, others, the environment-even a Higher Power. Its how you treat an animal, a child, a neighbor, a stranger, a friend, a forest. It has to do with diet, health, goals, compassion, sense of self,

It amazes me how many people are having such a strong reaction to Peace-I notice most people find it Political-first and foremost. Trust me on that statement-I’m out here talking to a lot of people. It’s sad enough that most of my generation are apathetic to politics-but now this clever thing has happened where Peace has been branded political-and people are apathetic to it as well. It’s for hippies. It’s for protesters. It’s for the idealists.

I THINK IT IS WHAT WE ARE ALL TRYING TO GET-EVEN IF WE TAKE DIFFERENT ROUTES THERE AND DEFINE IT DIFFERENTLY. I am happy to be seeing Peacemakers everywhere though, I met some great ones along the BRP and I saw a lot of signs for Peace in Asheville.

I finally made it here to Asheville before sunset on Saturday. I just put my first grand on the bike, about 865 miles towards P.E.A.C.E SCOOTER. I met my hostess, Jaymii, working at Omega Institute. I was pretty delirious by the time I arrived, but amped from the beauty of the BRP. We eventually made it out to a veggie restaurant that stays open until 3am. Pretty cool, its usually hard to grab healthy, yummy food after bars close! Sunday we tried to take a tour of Asheville, but went to the wrong pick up point and wound up chasing the LaZoom bus around for a couple of blocks before giving up. The town feels similar to Charlottesville, with the Blue Ridge Mountains in the distance, a progressive scene-lots of music, arts, community and veggie eating. The time spent here has been really appreciated, her house is beautiful, the bed is sooooo comfortable and I get to love on her dog! Although my tent did make for a nice cocoon! As far as gear goes, by day two on the road, I made some adjustments, cleared up foot space and have everything totally set and balanced! The saddlebags are working out so well and all I have to do to fuel up is wedge the H20 bottle in the seat to access the fuel tank. Oh, and another one of Jaymii’s talents-she sews-SO the peace flag is now flying on the bike. It's Up

The sky looks like the storm is clearing, so I am gonna try to make a move now…
Next vector on the Peace sign is Atlanta. After that Montgomery. I wrote to Ava Lowery, twice now, to see if we could meet in Montgomery, but she just keeps ignoring me. I still think what she does is inspirational and amazing, but I don’t understand why she won’t contact me back-at least to say she is busy. I would love to interview her for the Putting Peace on the Map Documentary. Otherwise, I am going to see my family there, visit the Dexter Church where MLK was pastor and check out the Rosa Parks museum. Thanks for wasting some time over here on the site….


“But peace does not rest in the charters and covenants alone. It lies in the hearts and minds of all people. So let us not rest all our hopes on parchment and on paper, let us strive to build peace, a desire for peace, a willingness to work for peace in the hearts and minds of all of our people. I believe that we can. I believe the problems of human destiny are not beyond the reach of human beings.”
John F. Kennedy (1917-1963)

I think this is a funny picture below, but I disagree-our future is sooo bright, we gots to wear shades!

Future Tense

Gear Test Run

Hey y’all (southern girl after all)

Alright, alright. Today I experimented with the gear, throughout the week everything arrived for packing up! I am a pack master-but have never applied the skills to a scooter.Test Run

This scoot has some crucial accessories that make packing easier. All in all, I don’t plan on taking a whole lot-I’ll acquire stuff on the way- and what I do have is pretty compact. Traveling in the summer makes clothing weight really manageable. These Rev Packs hold a lot and I am totally enamored with them! (Eric thanks for the heads up)
Oh the space
They are also very adjustable to each individual’s bike. I managed to secure them in a way that meets the Buddy’s needs. There are two straps on top, connecting the bags and two longer side strings for securing the packs down. After some experimenting I found a perfect place for them-they are a number of inches above the hot parts. They also have foam pads on the back (cost $9 extra though) to keep off scratches. The set up I have right now allows me to pop the seat for fueling. Every time I stop to fuel the bungees, tent and back pack will have to come off-but thats relatively easy. The tent is probably getting switched to the front anyhow and the bookbag will be light so I can take my valuables with me on a jaunt. I’m sure I won’t be rushing anyhow- a reprieve will be necessary after 80 miles. Rev Pack securing

The Shad is probably going to hold the electronics and I found a good piece of foam that I can customize as a nest for the laptop and camcorder. That foam will also double up as a pillow for my slumbering.Puttin on the Shad

I had originally considered a milkcrate for the front rack-but right now it doesn’t seem needed. Just my sleeping bag is up there, keeping weight from the front and distributing more to the middle. Besides, milk crates are abundant in all 50 states, or else the world is just hellish. As you can see, the yoga mat attaches perfectly to the pegs and I still have room for several different feet positions.

Well, that still leaves the compartment under the seat! As soon as I can figure out the heat level in there, I will decide if the stove gas cannister will ride there. Otherwise, the compartment is for some road snacks- I am inventing a little cooler action. Also, french press and coffee supplies, stuff I will mainly need at night or early morning when I am already unpacked!

That concludes today’s test run. It feels good to get that out of the way-even though I won’t be fully loaded up until Wednesday. Since D.C. is only 3 hours away, I won’t be needing full gear on the bike-and I just don’t trust all that stuff in D.C. Maybe I am being hesitant because I would hate for the kick-off to start with a scoot jacking!
Enjoy the pics! Write me if you have questions and look for some more detail to be posted soon-I have a dog waiting to go the river and Bob Weir hitting the stage in a couple of hours! Have a good weekend y’all


If the encouragement that people continually offer me was a meal-I would not eat alone-we would all feast for days. Many thanks, y’all.

Just about everything came via the mail this week. More on my thoughts about that at a later time.

Today the stickers arrived-another PJ and Alix late night endeavor. They are really cool, good quality and there are 500 of them!
Logo stickers

Many accomplishments today: I really grasped how I envision the kick-off-more on that soon; got a grip on the interfacing necessary with all my tech equipment (sales people don’t get MACS); slept 8 hours; had a nice sunset ride; came up with an idea to sew an extra chaps like section onto my pants; and the subleaser/dog sitting situation has been resolved-and thats about a quarter of what all went down today……oh and I received my first donation check in the mail. That was exciting-thank you Laura!

Now that the camera sitch is under control I can resume posting photos. Trying to post youtube video of the gear packing-but no promises. I have some good ideas for it though. Getting excited about the drive to D.C. I will leave there Monday night, things are still spotty with the dog watching. Good news, my friend Becca (heroine now) has agreed to watch him until everyone can move in-in August. Since Charlottesville is on my way down South from D.C. to Asheville, I have a little more flexibility on packing. I wasn’t really looking forward to a fully packed scooter in D.C. So, putting my time back into finding a new subleaser threw me off-but I’m only leaving C-ville two days later than planned. Probably a good idea to be well rested before hitting the road for such a long time. I have places lined up to stay in Asheville, Atlanta and in Montgomery. That will be exciting, catching up with old friends and seeing my Aunt in Montgomery-who just found out about the trip and seems surprisingly interested.

Tomorrow is Audre’s first oil change. The naming of objects is always a bizarre thing. I never try at it, just one minute the thing has no name and the next it’s been baptized. Audre she shall be then.

Quote: War is not nice-Barbara Bush

Gear, Gardens and Subleasers

Hope everyone had a good “Interdependence Day.” Me, the highlight was playing with white gas, not fireworks. I tested out my traveling barista kit: one stove, one Bodum French Press tumbler, a collapasible pan set, and some fair-trade, organic Ethiopia Yirgacheffe beans. It’s amazing how technology creates these wonderfully small gadgets. Bless Mountain Research for designing the Whispa Lite stove. I am quite fond of powerful things in small packaging. Scooter travel packing makes me feel like Luke Skywalker meets Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. It’s cool, I’m ready for my metrosexual Jedi status and have already accepted that the Juiceman and Wok just can’t come along. But, with the camping stove donation I will be able to have my morning oats and Mud! Still trying to figure out the rest of the gear. Really hoping someone in town can trade tents with me-my three person Eureka Sunrise for a 1 person. Then I still have to figure out top cases, saddlebags,racks, oh my! I will post some pics as soon as I get it figured out and in place! Ahar, today the roomie Wendy leaves for her summer adventures. She be heading North to run the Omega Teen Camp Kitchen and those thar rabble rousing children. I can’t wait to see her again in September, when we take over the lease together! She came to stay here about 3 weeks ago and transformed the house. Within an hour of her arrival there were herbs planted and bread baking. In exchange for the lodging she has kept me sane and fed-encouragement and homemade goodies galore. This girl has skills! Now there is an garden right outside my bedroom window with basil, tomato plant, cucumber plant, oregano and chives. Hopefully the new tenants will feed it and be fed from it. On July Fourth, the final sublease deals were taken care of, a big relief. Not only are these angels watching over the house, they are Marco Polo’s new auntie-mommas. I offered them some reduced rent in exchange. A lot of other things happened this week, the stickers and postcards are being printed, a news article came out about the trip and Genuine put up a link to my website. It means so much to me that people support this-the PEACE cause! Also, PJ has been great with his late night design endeavors. The postcard is now up on this website, so feel free to print it out. I leave in one week/2days and still have a bunch of things to do and things to acquire. I will keep you posted! Feel free to check out my wish list under “donate”-to see if you have any of that stuff laying around the house…..


What a whirlwind of activity my life has been since May 23rd.
I came across a quote the other day that really resonated with me: “Faith is taking the first step, even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”

Numbers and Musings:
1 month. 13 days. Attended the Instant Karma art exhibit in town. Read a quote by John Lennon that said, “If one billion people were practicing Peace, we would have peace.” Which immediately led to my response, “Why wouldn’t one billion people practice Peace?”
Responding to myself: “Do people know how to practice Peace? Do they need to define it first?”
One month. 4 days. Since I decided this journey must happen, despite the odds. (first step.)
13 hours.
The amount of time it took for me to be on the phone with the owner of Genuine Scooters after sending him an email about the journey. When I hit “send” I knew my life was changing. (staircase)
Philip, the owner of Genuine Scooters has been incredibly supportive of my idea. For this I give many thanks. Ironically, my friends suddenly believed I was going through with it once I said I had a sponsor. But, I was ready to ride 30 mph on my Met, if I had to.
6 days ago. Summer Solstice, Genuine Scooters/Scooterworks U.S.A offers me official sponsorship.
3-5 days until I can pick up my sweet new Buddy125 from Scoot Richmond, 217 W. 7th St in Richmond, VA. Thanks Chelsea and crew!
Every 2 days. The rotation of my yoga practice, to prepare my body for this journey. I would love for that number to change, but that happens in 1 week. I have been doing Kundalini, Hatha and Bikram Yoga. I will be seeking teachers in the states where I visit, and doing yoga daily on my own. If you can recommend good teachers along my route…lemme know.
Two weeks. 4 days. Until I start this epic journey. The kickoff is July 15, from the White House. I can’t express how much work has to be done before then. Bear with me until I get on the road. It will be a lot easier to update the website once I have ordered all the supplies I need, find a dog-sitter, sub-leaser, get the logo designed, the postcards/stickers/tshirts printed up, quit my job, get the scooter, etc.
3 days.
And I will no longer be a Ninja Barista at the Oasis d’ Mudhouse. www.mudhouse.com I will have flung myself into the world of unemployment. The brave new world where people pay for espresso.
days. Birthed into this grand world. How do you measure Peace in your life? The past 36 days of my life have been the most exciting and rewarding. And trust me, my life has been full of zany fabulous moments. But I have experienced a shift in the amount of depth I want to have in my life. And I have discovered it in the amount of selfless service I offer this world. I read somewhere that “activism is our rent on Earth.” And so it is. This summer something is happening. The staircase is being built….
3 barks from my dog, Marco Polo, while I was writing this.

“Peace-making is a healing process and it begins with me, but it does not end there.” Gene Knudsen Hoffman

Trip Blip


A Patriot’s Exhibition Advancing Community and Environmentalism, on a Scooter

Peace, what is it?
Do you think we have enough of it? What is your vision?
I don’t settle for the world I live in these days. Actually, were any of us really taught to settle?
It’s a culture where we always envision more, right? More technology, more toys, more security, more education, more cleverness, more coffee, more success, more polar bears, more competition, more…
I envision MORE PEACE.

I envision decisions that prevent conflict and create relationships. Decisions that create community, a global community, not just a global market. Is it really that difficult to co-create this vision?

Sure, until you know what your definition of peace is. Then you have a way to measure results…

C’mon, what do you really think about the state of affairs…
We are still at war -a war based on lies.
Republicans and Democrats are still tusslin’. The Environment is in a whoppin’ mess.
Peace may be the opposite of war, but it also describes a type of relationship, to oneself and their environment. And here we are, Americans, global leaders and visionaries, pointing fingers at one another, making little progress…
It’s really a simple thing I want you to do.
Just define Peace for me.
While I’m out here cruising around our vast, beautiful country, think about Peace with me. When I pull into your town, tell me what you came up with.
And don’t point one finger, POINT TWO.