Raffle Winners


*Wendy, our lottery host*


Earlier today I drew the names of the winners, contacted them and mailed off the prizes. Thank you to those who contributed and your enthusiasm for winning has been contagious. All day long I felt like I won too! Really, we all win, and I want to put emphasis on that.

Only a small portion of money helps P.E.A.C.E Scooter expenses; fuel, food, lodging. Most of the money raised through these raffles is actually going to non profit organizations who work really hard to improve our world, who provide education and help maintain a quality of life for us all. And they do so without a guarantee of income year to year; often writing/depending on government grants for funding.

They provide needed services and rely on donations. They don’t get to write off Concord flights to Paris in the name of research. These organizations are the true heartbeat of America. They win, and we’ve raised $480 for them in the past two weeks. Yep, I hope we can do even better-there will be raffles for the next 12 weeks to aid in fund raising.

The golden ticket winners for this round were:

Genuine Shop Jacket: Lauren

Patches: “Firebird”

Ciao Tshirt: Mickie

Child of the Universe, art print by Ben Heine: Mary Hazelwood

Corazzo Gloves: Amy

Sctrcst Tshirt: Matthew David

GPS: Cheryl

Scooter Seat Cover: J.Mazza



Thanks so much everyone.

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