Gear Test Run

Hey y’all (southern girl after all)

Alright, alright. Today I experimented with the gear, throughout the week everything arrived for packing up! I am a pack master-but have never applied the skills to a scooter.Test Run

This scoot has some crucial accessories that make packing easier. All in all, I don’t plan on taking a whole lot-I’ll acquire stuff on the way- and what I do have is pretty compact. Traveling in the summer makes clothing weight really manageable. These Rev Packs hold a lot and I am totally enamored with them! (Eric thanks for the heads up)
Oh the space
They are also very adjustable to each individual’s bike. I managed to secure them in a way that meets the Buddy’s needs. There are two straps on top, connecting the bags and two longer side strings for securing the packs down. After some experimenting I found a perfect place for them-they are a number of inches above the hot parts. They also have foam pads on the back (cost $9 extra though) to keep off scratches. The set up I have right now allows me to pop the seat for fueling. Every time I stop to fuel the bungees, tent and back pack will have to come off-but thats relatively easy. The tent is probably getting switched to the front anyhow and the bookbag will be light so I can take my valuables with me on a jaunt. I’m sure I won’t be rushing anyhow- a reprieve will be necessary after 80 miles. Rev Pack securing

The Shad is probably going to hold the electronics and I found a good piece of foam that I can customize as a nest for the laptop and camcorder. That foam will also double up as a pillow for my slumbering.Puttin on the Shad

I had originally considered a milkcrate for the front rack-but right now it doesn’t seem needed. Just my sleeping bag is up there, keeping weight from the front and distributing more to the middle. Besides, milk crates are abundant in all 50 states, or else the world is just hellish. As you can see, the yoga mat attaches perfectly to the pegs and I still have room for several different feet positions.

Well, that still leaves the compartment under the seat! As soon as I can figure out the heat level in there, I will decide if the stove gas cannister will ride there. Otherwise, the compartment is for some road snacks- I am inventing a little cooler action. Also, french press and coffee supplies, stuff I will mainly need at night or early morning when I am already unpacked!

That concludes today’s test run. It feels good to get that out of the way-even though I won’t be fully loaded up until Wednesday. Since D.C. is only 3 hours away, I won’t be needing full gear on the bike-and I just don’t trust all that stuff in D.C. Maybe I am being hesitant because I would hate for the kick-off to start with a scoot jacking!
Enjoy the pics! Write me if you have questions and look for some more detail to be posted soon-I have a dog waiting to go the river and Bob Weir hitting the stage in a couple of hours! Have a good weekend y’all

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  1. The gear looks like it all came together nicely! You’ll figure it out as you go, it will soon become obvious what needs to go where… If you need more footspace you may be able to move the mats/pads to the sides (held by the straps of the revpacks maybe? So you have to take the packs off to lift the seat, or do they go under? I had to un-bungee my backpack from the seat to refuel but it wasn’t that big a deal, only a couple of times a day. So excited for you!
    Happy (and safe) scootering!

  2. I just followed the link here from the zaadz profile from the zaadz newsletter. I’m stoked at your endeavor! It makes me want to help! I wish I could ride behind and take pictures! Anyway, I network mostly so far at Myspace and have a zaadz profile, too, so I could host an album with a few of your travel pics and put a link to your website. Anyway, If there’s a little “magick uncle” energy whispering in your ear, part of it will be me. Looking forward to your updates! Keep the shiny side up!

  3. Wow!!! You have certainly packed a lot of stuff on your little Buddy. I hope you make it past St Louis MO. The local peace groups would love to meet you…well at least those of us who ride scooters!!!

    Be careful in DC!

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