2 Weeks left!

The rental truck had been changed to say “Loving Up” instead of “Moving Up”Loving up

I am so excited that P.E.A.C.E SCOOTER starts two weeks from today. The 11,000 mile, 12 week ride last year was made within just 40 days of its conception. That brief time was all I had to handle almost every planning aspect. Then before I knew it, the scooter was loaded up and I was headed down the Blue Ridge Parkway.

I stopped in Crawford, TX because there was no one left to keep the dog, no more money, no more nice weather. Since my arrival back home, I’ve scrutinized the lessons learned. I decided I needed to reach more people and that I wanted to help more people. This has been easier with more advance notice!

It’s been fantastic to already hear from so many people about places to stay. Within this time frame last year, the website had JUST gone up. That gives you an idea of my determination and enthusiasm to promote inner peace, community and environment. I am genuinely driven to help in any way I can to make this world better. And yes, I think we need to talk about Peace until it is no longer a controversial word. Until obtaining it is just as natural as keeping good health!

In the remaining two weeks, I’m contacting people around the country, finalizing my route, printing the maps out, locating campgrounds, trying to score a free helmet, collecting documentary equipment, and looking for ways I can help in communities.

And I just completed a big move. Since my lease was up in July, when I would be traveling, I went ahead and moved.

I had to rent a mongo truck and suck up the terrible gas mileage. It was about 12 mpg-a far cry from the 90 mpg I’m used to. Now all my stuff is moved and my pup is settling in to the place he will call home while I am riding 9,000 miles. Paying so much at the pump definitely has me worried about expenses. Although, there just isn’t another time to complete this epic 20,000 mile ride. I feel like now is the time to travel and help out, to talk about these “sensitive” subjects and especially to promote alternative transportation. At least there are some things in place to help generate funds. In addition to raffles, and tshirts, I’ve been hired to do some work finding and posting blogs on a very cool website, www.thesecondroad.org. I’m really honored to work with this crew. I might only have 5 hours a week to help when traveling, but that can cover gas for the week…..

That’s the update for now, thanks for your support. PEACE!

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