Coming Soon to a town near You

Hey there, Daphne here. In Maine, that is…


Here’s a picture of me with Alix in Missoula, MT last year…stay tuned for one of us in San Francisco next week!

I’m on the wings here at and I have to say I’m enjoying the ride. I can see many of you are enjoying it too-especially when you get to meet Alix and her mission comes to your town.

If you’re thinking about Peace more today than you did yesterday, and if you’re having conversations about building community, Alix has done what she set out to do.

It’s really something when a person follows their dream and is able to touch so many people in the process. I hope you’re telling everyone you know about P.E.A.C.E. Scooter and if you have a couple of postcards, please pass them on. If you want a few postcards, send us an email

If you want to be part of the ride, but you haven’t found a way to take the leap quite the way Alix did–For instance, you’re not ready quit your job and give up everything you know to hit the road for Peace, you can still be part of the ride. Let Peace seeds take root in your day. Talk about it with one more person–Talk about it Alix style: without anger and without pointing fingers. If you point one, finger, you have three pointing back at yourself, so point two and find common ground instead. There are other ways to support the ride. Click here for a few.

Find out if Alix is coming to your town-, ride out to meet her. Click here to find out where she’ll be and when. She usually checks in with the Genuine dealer in town-click here for that list.

If you don’t live in a town on her map, but you know someone who does, give them a shout and let them know she’s coming…

And hey- call your local news and radio….Help Alix get the word out: P.E.A.C.E is on the way!

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