I arrived home late last night, after two weeks out of town.


The 65 mile ride home, through VA countryside at sunset, whet my appetite for what is ahead. As far as heads, Chelsea, lovely owner of the Scoot Richmond empire, graciously donated a helmet. I’m now riding with a Z1R stance helmet. Noticeable differences already are cushion, comfort and noise reduction. It’s also just a wee bit bigger and can not tuck away under the seat. Bit bummed about that but really grateful to have better head protection. She also threw in a monkey keychain, of which there are yet no pics, but keep your eyes out for it. This monkey, as my co-pilot, needs a good name.

The bike just zipped home. Her weeks at the spa were needed, after last years 11,000 mile ride. Scoot Richmond was very kind to help out so much-they have been an important part of the pit crew. The bike is staying stock which meant no performance pipe for me. The lovely, eccentric and talented mechanic Dave changed the roller weights, front/back brakes, belt, oil, filter, clutch spring, horn, tires, and fuel filter. Isn’t it quite amazing that my front tire was JUST changed? This is probably due to all the weight going on the back of the bike. Which reminds me of all the things I need to start packing.

There were several great packages waiting to be ripped open! Tourmaster donated a women’s Sentinel jacket/pants. This suit is a crucial component in endurance riding and worth the tenacious pursuit I put into it. Last year I bought a $10 rain suit through Campmor, and well, it was barely worth that much. Plus there was nothing breathable nor reflective about the fabric.



This jacket by Helmet House is designed, patterned and styled specifically for women. I’m wearing a size small in both pants and jacket and they fit perfectly over my riding pants/jacket. It features an Aqua-Barrier under-the-helmet hood to eliminate seepage in the collar area and reflective piping for visibility. The hood easily stows in a hidden collar pocket and the pants zip to the jacket. A pouch for storing them is included, allowing more cargo room for all the other stuff I’ll have. Thanks Helmet House and Tourmaster!
I finally located some good pants, a purchase I had hoped not to make. A company had approached me, touting fancy, strong riding pants, but then they dropped off the face of the Earth. Last minute I bought some Carhartts. They are great jeans but I’m also wearing nice Alpinestar knee armor that will go underneath. Those knee pads are provided by Linda, aka TurtleVespa, who contacted me through You never know when an accident could happen, so it’s best to be prepared. I did a test run under the jeans last night and found them comfortable. They will probably get a bit sweaty, but safety is a priority.

Right now I’m looking at heaps of stuff and deliberating my organizing process. Will film this as I’m doing it-for future reference anyone else might need.

Countdown is on

My friends, a package containing 2,000 postcards arrived on Friday. 2,000 PostcardsThat just so happened to start the clock ticking-the official 4 week countdown has now started. When they arrived I had a total rush of excitement. Wow, this is really going to happen in just one month. I remember how astounded I was last year-giddy and delirious from just 40 days of planning.

While I don’t feel like there is a moment to spare, I also don’t feel panicked. Fortunately, worked ended for me on Monday. I have now joined the ranks of broke Peace crusaders.

Things are coming together in quite an amazing way. Definitely want to thank everyone who is dropping by to check out the page. Wondering how people are hearing about it? Sadly, a few people have written to tell me I’m missing their town/state. I know, I know. The U.S. map is a bit unwieldy to create a peace sign and visit every state. My apologies to those whom I won’t meet, but stay tuned through the website and let your friends/family know about it.

Of course this year I’ve enjoyed having months to plan ahead. While many sponsorship requests have gone unanswered, some very fine people have jumped on board to donate needed supplies. Today my community Whole Foods sent me a letter confirming their willingness (and joy) to prepare me a care package. This means that I can save expenses on food, but most importantly, I can keep eating healthy. Last year my nutrition suffered a little, so their gift is a great comfort. They have generously offered a $100 gift card, coffee, soap, lotion, trail mix, multi-vitamins, and Liquid Braggs. It’s exciting news!

I might as well go ahead and announce that raffles will start next week. One of my main sponsors, Scooterworks, has agreed to provide prizes once a week, more than half the money raised will be donated. Don’t forget that P.E.A.C.E Scooter 08 has a goal to raise $1 per 1 mile driven. New raffles will go up weekly, starting Monday. Winners will be drawn every Sunday, the ENTIRE 12 weeks that I am riding! Now the raffle that starts next week will run for 2 weeks and there is a variety of prizes in the mix. A sneak peek you ask? Sure.

A garmin GPS, but that’s the only surprise I will unveil as of yet. Trust me, there are some sweet prizes that have been kindly donated from a few people-even from a swell guy all the way over in Brussels.

Big thanks to those offering places to stay and to all the lovely town folk here in Cville trying to contact their friends around the country. The past week I’ve stopped often to reflect on just how great my hometown is. Many people have come forward with encouragement and big hugs that just set me blushing.
And they’ve come forward with press and donations. Big donations. To be continued…..


Riding with the Shield

Ladies and gents: I am very happy and grateful to announce the GREAT news that Corazzo is supporting P.E.A.C.E Scoot by providing three crucial items for the long miles ahead.

Corazzo never ceases to amaze me. This young company is skyrocketing because their product is “By scooterists for scooterists,” and because it has superior design that all two-wheel riders need. But you know what really finished it all off?? They are all around solid guys/gals. They scoot hard, work hard and have a lot of laughs.


Each product they design raises the bar in style, function and purpose. If you are new to scooters or are considering buying a scooter, let me emphasize the importance of good gear.

Corazzo offers riding apparel that delivers “abrasion protection, CE rated impact protection and increased visibility while offering an award winning style. In short, our jackets are just as cool in the coffee shop as they are on your bike.”

And that’s a true statement….

I’ve worn my jacket to many a coffeshop…..
Oh and last summer, when I flew off the scooter and slid across gravel-there were no rips. (did I ever mention that to anyone?)

At the last minute before the trip last year, I purchased a 5.0 jacket from Corazzo. I fretted for 2 days that the size would be wrong, or that it wouldn’t arrive in time. No worries, they got it to me, they were encouraging and the jacket was perfect. I’m looking forward to another 9,000 miles in it.

Box of Goodies

I finally reclaimed the Corazzo box from a sketchy neighbor, who had actually OPENED it. While the jerk might have taken away the excitement about opening a package-I’m the one who gets to keep the AMAZING GOODIES INSIDE. Said items are Gloves, Underhoody and Messenger Bag. How did I survive without the messenger bag last year?? I’ll film a little video of me packing it up right before I leave-it has more room than I estimated!!!

The underhoody is excellently constructed. It’s lightweight, it’s soft and there are thumbholes in the sleeves-so it doesn’t get all phooey and caught up when you slip on your jacket.

It’s going to be so useful on those chillier days when the ride must go on. Like all the way up the foggy Pacific Coastal Highway…… all the way up an over to Portland to visit the shop again, hang out with some great peeps and give thanks. Oh, and to challenge a certain salesman to some foozball. Stay tuned for news about other P.E.A.C.E supporters, coming up soon. And ya know, some Genuine props are always in order-America’s Smallest, but Bestest Scooter Company!