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It’s been awhile since my last update. Right now I’m nodding asleep while writing. The four days here in San Diego have been action packed-lots of exploring, a Peace dinner party, superb hosts, Peace actions, visit to the local scooter shops. We leave early in the morning for LA-bags are packed and ready to go. Mike and his wife Jen will be hosting us, even taking us to a Dodgers game.
Our time there will be brief, arriving tomorrow, leaving Monday. Shaun gets a tour up to the Hollywood sign and we get to meet Eric, who created Modern Buddy.

Today I had the pleasure of meeting BeachBlogger-who I’ve waited months to meet. We went out freeway blogging.


Peter is a interesting character. He’s been on my radar through OMPS, where I discovered his lovely form of Peace art-writing messages in the beaches around San Diego. He welcomed me this morning with fresh squeezed orange juice from tree in his yard and a super cool hand made sign.


After interviewing him (will be posted here) and a Japanese lunch, I zipped on over to North County and FINALLY MOWED MY FIRST YARD. Lots of “blogging” today.

Fortunately, the method that we brainstormed to create the perfect circle worked out really well. We measured out the diameter, folded the rope in half, and staked the rope in the center. John walked in front of me with the rope to the front wheel of the mower. The sign itself was perfect. I admit being a little nervous for the first one-but it’s cake now.

The grass varied in length however and so the sign isn’t that clear. Pat and Ami promised to “cultivate Peace” all summer long by mowing over the spot-hopefully we will get an update on it with pictures.


Will write a catch-up blog….but here is a video of a great hill ride. Riding around San Diego is great fun; dashing up and down hills with panoramic views of the mountains and water.

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  1. Yeah, a camera mount sounds like a REALLY good idea. Did you say you’ll be stopping in San Francisco at a dealer? Where else are you stopping? Just in case someone has an extra camera mount they’d like to send to a dealer for you to pick up… Portland? Eugene? Seattle?
    By the way, you just missed another Eric in California-Route 66 Eric just left last week.

  2. We loved hosting you and Shaun here in San Diego. Our friends in the Department of Peace campaign were happy and inspired to meet you and see what a commitment to peace looks like, in action.

    After watching your video of flying down the Texas Street hill, I throw in with Daphne — lady, you need a camera mount!

    You have like-minded friends for life here in San Diego. Thanks for scooting by and staying awhile.

  3. I am sure glad I ran into you 2 at Motorsports Scooters. And you 2 were just getting ready to leave..What an honor to meet you both..I could tell Alix you love to ride..And I think Shaun is hooked now..Ride-0n…..Peace be with you both..Wow..

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  5. i had forgotten you get to meet modern buddy Eric! that’s awesome, he seems like a great guy. i’m glad you finally got to mow a lawn! lol.

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