News article on NBC

Watch closely, you’ll see P.E.A.C.E SCOOTER drive by….

I can’t believe how crappy this article turned out. Mike from NOHO Scooters had a lot of great things to say that were edited. So did I, but at least she worked in, “Alix Bryan, crossing the country for Peace.”

People constantly ask me if the ride is getting press, and NO, NO it’s not. Even when NBC interviews me, they cut out my responses. Of course, the article is about gas prices, not scooting for Peace. We just happened to be at the shop on the one day it’s closed, and Mike just happened to answer the phone, and I just happened to be there.

But you know, what speaks loudly to me is that the press doesn’t want to cover this ride.  It means there is something complex under the surface, something volatile and hard to confront-which only affirms the need to put Peace on the map.

Anyway, here is the article. 

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