There was no rain on our Parade

Last year, I rolled in to Seattle with a cowgirl limp. Crossing the Wild West through Big Sky Country and Eastern Washington had proven harder than I imagined. There were some flukes-electrical issue and flat tire. And I was rushing. It’s never palatable to rush these kind of trips. It’s all hazy really. I want to say I didn’t do much on my visit, but then again, I did.

Perhaps this time I just connected with more people. I feel more present and not as exhausted. Seeing familiar faces has given me just the needed boost to push on home the final 3,500 miles.

And maybe the Parade today has something to do with my spirits. I’ve never been to a Pride Parade. Susan, at Scoot Around, told me I could ride in it with the SQREAM scooter club. It’s much better to ride along than watch! Well, maybe. Seattle Pride brings everybody out to the streets-everybody.

At 9am I spot gaggles of googlers staking out their spots. I rush up to the meeting spot, hoping to find a gas station along the way. I don’t and I’m worried that I just might be that one moron who runs out mid parade. Phew. I don’t. It was only a mile stretch after all, but we drove in circles and it took about 80 minutes.

I arrived without any morning percolation and with heavy spirits because Ralph died. I see Tracy, the manager at Buca di Beppa’s. Once again, three times now, she gives me EXACTLY what I need at the moment. Coffee. A Starbucks card. Oh, and bottled water accompanied by trail mix.

While waiting to sign in, a volunteer comes up smiling. I stick out my hand but find myself suddenly captured in a big hug.
“You don’t know how much I needed that.”
The story of Ralph comes pouring out before I can bite my tongue. He starts crying. I feel horrible, yet again. We hug again, me consoling him this time and I go to get my coffee. I make a note to keep my mouth shut about the cat.

IMG_1456Five ladies pull up behind me, on Harleys. The sign in guy asks tenatively “Dykes on Bikes?” Ha.

Soon I am in formation with the SQREAM club. Benjamin is our queen. He bedazzles, leads, and inspires us. We are told to be regal and welcoming; the queenly wave is demonstrated. We practice. The loud thunder of the Dykes on Bikes kicks in.

Apparently, they are the ones who bring out the city residents. And I DO mean the whole city. Not just queer folk. Straight folk, dogs, cats, firemen, kids, grandmothers.

IMG_2220Perhaps the only ones not there were those attending the Mods and Rockers scooter event. Tons of stuff happening in Seattle this weekend.

I however, just didn’t foresee another Parade opportunity in my future; a chance to adorn my scooter with the giant Peace Flag and wave to thousands of people. In fact, as I went about the day later, people approached me saying, “Hey, I saw you earlier at the Parade.” Neat.

After the thunder of Harley’s disappears ahead of us, us scooterists begin our Meep Meeping and ride in circles down the streets; throwing glitter, candy, peace signs and kisses to the SCREAMING crowd. We were second in the Parade; our horns swelling into a motorized mosquito cacophony.
It was quite simply the best gig for a Leo. I was part of a loud, jubilant organism. It just doesn’t happen like this in the Southern Bible Belt, baby. WOW!

If you have found your way to this website because of the many Peace flyers I handed out while parading-thank you. Thanks for making this second visit to the Emerald City sparkle! 😉
You MUST see the many photos. I didn’t take enough. The Parade last 4 hours. I left early to help Chad with the cat.

Happy Anniversary Peace Sign


While the passing of the war anniversary was not a happy moment, I can share better news with you. The Peace sign is 50 years old this weekend. My initial research showed muddled dates, but that was because it was actually USED for the first time in a Nuclear Disarmament march, that occurred on Easter Weekend in 1958. (a leap year at that)

The march took place across the Atlantic, in Britain. Yes, the Peace sign was birthed a good decade before its famous adoption by Vietnam War protestors. Gerald Holtom, a commercial artist, suggested that the those marching to the atomic weapons research plant in Aldermaston carry signs painted with a neat, tidy and powerful symbol.


Around 5,000 marchers were in attendance for the unveiling of the Peace sign that Easter weekend. An impressive number given the recent anniversary of our 5th year in Iraq and the small turnout for such a precipitous occasion.

Those of you who read this website know that my mission is to discover how individuals and communities define and work towards Peace. The actual significance behind the tidy, little symbol, that anyone can scribble, is pretty complex.


Gerard utilized and compacted the semaphore letters for N(uclear) and D(isarmament). Semaphore is a method of Naval signaling using two flags held in position by the signaler. Of course, its meaning was specific to the marchers cause. I’m sure that still, some protestors were boggled by it, probably picturing a dove or something more universal at the time. It is now engraved in our minds as a Universal Symbol, one that travels across borders and belief systems and serves many civil rights movements.

It did have a deeper meaning to its creator. PhotobucketYears later, Gerard discussed its internal, personal symbolism with Peace News, saying, “I was in despair. Deep despair. I drew myself, the representative of an individual in despair, with hands palm outstretched outwards and downwards in the manner of Goya’s peasant before the firing squad. I formalised the drawing into a line and put a circle round it.” This was a commentary 50 years ago on the power paradigms that people faced-war weary generations newly introduced to the atom bomb.

While we might not have Peace in our world, and the bomb factory in Aldermaston is still open, the symbol itself has tenure. Generation after generation are inspired by it and continue to display it, some with purpose and passion, some purely commercial. My theory is that we must decode its personal meaning, obtain inner peace, before Peace is known globally, forever.

I am very excited that my journey to create a 20,000 mile Peace sign will finish in this year that marks a major anniversary of its creation. While I will be taking some big hills, again through the Rockies, the Peace symbol is far from over the hill…..

It is a infinite brand that belongs to no corporation, although it has been heavily commercialized, and it was meant to be freely used by the people. I ask that you all think beyond the simple scribble, delve deep into your hearts, and leave your definition on the Wall of Beliefs.

National Geographic will soon release a book called Peace: The Biography of A Symbol. I recommend it to everyone.

*Thanks to Crystal Waters and Pete Selkowe because they forwarded some resources to me.*

Matua and Vespadition

“You can not travel the path until you have become the path itself”

This is the credo of Matua, who will be traveling a long path starting this spring. I heard from Matua in the end of January. PhotobucketHis first letter came to me a month after I had decided to complete the Peace sign this year. Now, I am always glad to answer questions about long distance scootering-I have some debt to pay off for all the people who offered me advice last year. Matua certainly has a long trip planned-30,000+ miles. But, it’s the message he promotes which really caught my eye.



The words in his first email inspired me so much that I’m going to share them with you:

I’m doing it for a multitude of reasons (partly to discover what America ‘really’ is – through its people and NOT its policies), but mainly to perform random acts of kindness. I believe strongly in making a difference. I think those that can should. I’m a Buddhist and a vegan, and try to live my life as compassionately as I can. I’m riding a scooter first and foremost because it is the most environmentally friendly means of motorised transportation (I had originally planned to walk the entire way, but it was logistically impossible). As I travel – strictly on backroads and two-lane roadways – I want to meet Americans in their element, living their lives, going about their days. I want to hear their stories and pay back their generosity of sharing by volunteering when and where I can in the communities I travel through.

Well, right on! Or Ride On…as his journey starts April 1, 2008 and continues….well…for at least a year.
When we first began corresponding, Matua had no scooter. But he had his sights set on a Vespa. In fact, he had the purdy logo all done before he even had the scoot. Thankfully, a sponsor stepped forward to provide the Vespa. In fact, within a two week period many sponsors have jumped on board. PhotobucketMatua is very ambitious, very determined; I wish him the best.

It’s been reassuring to know someone else is digging in their heels and grappling with the hundreds of preparation details. It’s also been really cool to see how thorough one can be given advance planning. Matua had actually planned for quite awhile to walk the route, through 49 state capitals and 8 Canadian provinces. He then recollected the pleasures of riding a scooter and like me, realized a scooter can bring you to just as many people, without harming the environment.

Our communication has so far been really insightful and we hope our routes cross at some point. We have some good ideas cooking for collaboration whilst on our prospective road trips, so stay tuned…

Both of us can’t wait until we are actually on the road-going and doing! I dub this form of social outreach, scoot-a-vism. One thing for sure, we invite you to Keep the P.A.C.E. (PEACE AND COMPASSION EVERYWHERE)

Last year, while I was scooting for Peace, there were 2 Peace Marchers walking across the country. I found a strength in knowing other people were also out on the road, going the distance to support change. Matua wants to make the road his home, replacing comforts with a call to spread kindness, compassion and volunteerism. Three things that help create Peace and strong community-so you know I’m all about it! You will see the similarity and interdependence of our goals and philosophies, but our routes and our approaches will offer unique perspectives.

One of Matua’s many cool designs asks, “What are you doing?” Fair question. My hope is that you will not just love your neighbors, but show some love to Us kind, homeless, traveling folk who might be headed to your town. Another guess is that you will be spending some time following the journeys of two scooterists out to make a difference.

Honk For Peace

Today marks the day the U.S. went to war. Whether or not you are for the war–people are dying. Most people who support the war will not look you in the eye and say, “I’m happy people are dying.”

Well, that’s a common ground we share then. I’m not happy people are dying or that our soldiers are experiencing some awful situations. As a matter of fact, I’m not happy anyone is suffering. And there is a lot of suffering in this world that I just wish I could help make better. I can write about it and show you what I find.

Oh, I bet another common ground that conservatives/liberals share is dismay about all the taxpayer money being spent. Unless of course, you are one of those getting rich off the war..

Now, being PRO-PEACE, I would much rather see soldiers come home, Iraqi civilians safe, and almost 3 billion taxpayer dollars shifted towards more savory ventures. Like education, health care, art, environmental research, legal aid, housing…..

There are many points I could make here, but its late and the most important realization I have is that it’s not bad to go and demonstrate that you want our country to be a better place. You know right now I’ve got a few sponsorship requests out in the field and I think to myself, “Maybe this isn’t good footage to put up right now.” Yep, that actually crossed my mind. Thing is, there isn’t anything happening in this video that should disgust someone. And if they are, well, I can’t not be me. Just thinking about this stuff is why I hesitated in seeking sponsorships last year. I’ve kinda got a rough situation here-Matua has secured a ton of sponsors talking about kindness and compassion, which is at the root of building a Peaceful world. Meanwhile, I’m traveling 20,000 miles to explore how individuals and communities define Peace. It shouldn’t be a shame to talk about making Peace and in the process discussing the horrible travesties of war. But, it gets some dirty reactions. That my friends, means it must be worthwhile……..

And as far as worrying about this being a sensitive subject, I say, Assume the best about somebody if you want to see them do their best.

Enjoy the video:

Stop Funding the War from Alix Bryan on Vimeo.

My City Council says, “Yea, Peace”

No shamrocks about it, my City Council agreed to hold a vote for the Department of Peace. It is now on the agenda and the vote is set for April 7, 2008. If you are a local, show up, the support always helps.

And, shucks, no shamrocks about it, instead of chugging a Guinness at the local pub, I attended my first City Council meeting. There’s always time later for a creamy Irish stout, but these meetings get started early. Apparently, they can be a lot of fun; people were in full peace gear, with buttons and signs. The best part about the evening was that a group of high school kids got together to introduce the legislation! One councilman spoke first and held the stance that City Councils should not be involved in federal proposals-a bunch of hogwash.

As the Peace Alliance’s website says, here are the PRECISE reasons why City Council action is SO important. (And it’s my favorite-doing it from the bottom up)

There are many reasons for enrolling your local governing body in adopting a resolution to support legislation for a U.S. Department of Peace:

  1. It helps show broad public support for the Department of Peace
  2. It educates the public about the Department of Peace
  3. I generates free publicity that comes with open and televised City Council meetings, plus follow-up electronic and print media coverage.
  4. It gives you something to send to your Members of Congress to assist you in continuing to positively influence them.

The Peace Alliance caught my attention last year and this year I considered donating monies raised from P.E.A.C.E SCOOT 08 to their organization. However, they seem very well funded so for now I’m just going to spread the word far and wide.

Their page says:

“There is currently a bill before the U.S. House of Representatives to establish a United States Department of Peace. This historic measure will augment our current problem-solving options, providing practical, nonviolent solutions to the problems of domestic and international conflict.

The legislation will pass from bill to law under one condition: that a wave of citizen interest rise up from the American people and make itself heard in the halls of Congress.”


–Provide much-needed assistance to efforts by city, county, and state governments in coordinating existing programs; as well as develop new programs based on best practices nationally

— Teach violence prevention and mediation to America’s school children

— Effectively treat and dismantle gang psychology

— Rehabilitate the prison population

— Build peace-making efforts among conflicting cultures both here and abroad

— Support our military with complementary approaches to peace-building.

— Create and administer a U.S. Peace Academy, acting as a sister organization to the U.S. Military Academy.

Hopefully, that’s a good introduction, but don’t stop there. Check out their impressively informative website:

There are representatives in most every state, making it easy to join a local campaign. Click on their map to find yours.

Dept of Peace

Times have been busy and I haven’t held up on the blogging end. This will change as I get a lot of legwork for the long ride out of the way-by the way-exciting news coming in on that front.
However, it is a busy week, in D.C. and around the world, as we go into our 5th anniversary in the Iraq war. I’ve been enjoying a fair amount of local action and meeting community members working hard for Peace and Justice. I just don’t have time to go and protest in D.C. but I respect those voices taking to the streets to utilize our constitutional rights.
One huge action that I should have posted about earlier was Winter Soldier, brought to you by Iraq Veterans Against the War.

One pertinent point for those who believe that the only way to support our troops is to be for the war is that many Vets and Soldiers are speaking out against this war. Very important thing to consider- and all respect for those fighting and who have fought. Please, in honor of our soldiers, make a point to check out this website:
Due to high traffic, I believe those broadcasts will be brought back. Their servers were actually shut down from the traffic, so keep your eyes out for Winter Soldier. The feedback I have heard is that the accounts from our soldier is quite shocking. I wish I could find a way to hack these broadcasts into public TV! At least we can give thanks that we live in a time of information where we can sidestep (slightly)corporate control of the airwaves. But only if you know where to go look!

A customer of mine commented that he’s been a bit of an insomniac lately…after we ruled out the 8 shots of espresso he drinks daily…he supposed it was the terrible times we live in today….saying, “Maybe we are on the verge of an apocalypse.” I hadn’t even had my coffee yet, but I said,

“Are you sure you weren’t restless because of all the action taking place to better our world? Maybe we are on the verge of a deep shift…and that’s got you humming.”

Because I tell you, I spend day in and day out researching groups working for Peace and it amazes me the amount of awareness and commitment that groups around our country have. Thank You.

Wrasslin’ and Peace

Both require elbow grease. Bad jokes aside, I was in for a bit of my own punishment the other night. If it makes you feel better, laughing at my own bad jokes was my own demise the other night- I was disqualified from my first round wrasslin.
Cowgrrl Sadie-istic
My first CLAW (Charlottesville Lady Arm Wrestlers) match proved what I knew-that my *mongo* muscles have suffered from time spent behind keyboard. My mouth has not suffered, I’m surely still a degenerate and I had fun putting my mouth where my arm wasn’t. CLAW rules are a hybrid of official league regulations and comedic interpretation. Although celebrity judges say I was laughing at my own jokes, I protest. I was not. I was being polite and laughing at my opponents joke, whose back was to the judges. No laughing next time. Period. Cowgrrl Sady-istic, my character, went on first against Magellan. Initial nerves passed quickly and the fun rowdiness of the crowd became contagious.
Working the crowd for dollars
I did question at one point how truly bizarre my last haircut was-the whole reason I wound up wrasslin’ for charity. From one chair to the hotseat… I couldn’t be happier to have participated. This was Revenge of the CLAW, match #2. I’m always fascinated with the power of community resources as a solution to lack of funds and as a motivation to cultivate community pride. I plan to carry the same spirit with me on the upcoming P.E.A.C.E ride-comedic, sassy, and altruistic.

So the tally of money that came in this month? $585 bones from the CLAW! Proudly, CLAW, will present these monies to Community Bikes in Charlottesville, VA. They are a women started and run organization who help maintain a gender balance in bike mechanics and repair-meaning their intent is to teach ladies how to fix and maintain a good bicycle. See how all the goodness works?

Ladies=CLAW=fundraising=Community Bikes=bike sustainability=smaller carbon footprint=healthy world. CLAW is helping save the world???? Hmm, well, they are definitely making Charlottesville a better place! Enjoy the video below and next month I will be filming.

Also, next month, the group has decided proceeds will go to the P.e.a.c.e scooter pit crew fund-helping me travel 9,000 miles. And in turn, my personal goal is to raise 10,000 dollars through the Peace ride, which is why the gorgeous new map is up and running on the website!
All praises go to Bryan and Meghan, and if you scroll around the map (it’s fun, do it, but go through the homepage) you will see they sponsor the section around New Orleans. We can fit multiple sponsors in each section and you can donate as little or as much as you would like-as many times as you wish! This map was my conception last year, but I had no time nor resources to create it before P.e.a.c.e started. Also many praises and claps to Meghan for upgrading this website and making it so purty.

There is also a new contact table added, to make it easier for you to find me.
Notice on the drop down menu that “Mow a Lawn” is a selection, because I’m taking on the horsepower of mowers (more than my scooter) this summer and mowing lawns into Peace signs. Don’t forget, America Needs Work. Yardwork. You provide the tools and I’ll help trim the lawn and maybe the bushes. Just no Edward Scissorhands requests, please y’all.

Perhaps those of you who have been along for the ride since last year are noticing a theme emerge. Hmmm. What’s that word, ah, experience, or insight. So, now you can see the route and contact me easier. I put the route and miles up against some dates and gave myself MUCH more travel time than last year-taking into consideration general chicanery, mechanics, photo taking, interviewing, mowing, and road conditions. And this time, I’m just NOT riding more more than 200 miles in a day. That said, the itinerary is probably optimistic, nonetheless, it will be posted here soon, but, May 2-July 30, I’m on the road.

Enjoy the video, if you are near Cville, come to the match next April 8. And if you can recommend some worth Peace waging organizations, please please do. I’m looking for recipients for this years fundraising!

“Raking war over the coals”


*photo courtesy of

Past coupla days the theme here has been activities involving the formation of a Peace sign- er, in Wisconsin. Well, just 114 miles down the road from Racine, WI, in Madison, you are invited to the “Grill’n for Peace.” I think Tom Barry, founder, artist and obvious Peacenik is a top notch man. Far as I’m concerned, this is a brilliant event, focusing on the jewels of life; food, old-school weber grills, outdoor gatherings, Peace signs, fundraisers, community and frozen lakes. That’s right. The event will be held on Lake Wingra. This is astonishing to a Southern girl like myself-the only bodies of frozen water I’ve seen lately are in the ice cube tray.

Now, the weather forecast at tells me that tomorrow is going to be warmer than today in Madison, a whopping 3 degrees FAHRENHEIT. So, maybe by February 2, temperatures will be a more comfortable 15 degrees. However, we want that lake to stay frozen, since participants will be setting up their Weber grills, in Peace formation, at 10am. Aerial photos will be taken, which I look forward to seeing. Apparently, this isn’t the first time that Tom Barry has used a frozen Lake as a canvas, once he arranged 53 Christmas Trees into a Peace sign in tribute to his former neighbor. Is this guy cool or what? And if you know him, please, ask him to leave his Peace definition over here on the Wall. Otherwise known as the Speak Your Peace wall (SYP)

Now, my apologies to Wisconsinites that I missed ’em last summer, when I was scootin’ around the country to make a big Peace sign. But I promise I did have some healthy portions of BarBQ in Austin, TX. And I sure look forward to meeting some of these peaceniks when I visit in 2008….

The full story can be read over at:

*thanks to Pete Selkowe for another good scoop*

You tell me…

If you believe we deserve the right to question the decisions of our leaders? And is it offensive to do so? And do you feel there is value to your opinions?

Is that a scooter in the background, that the cop is riding? Far out. This is a photo from Carter’s inauguration. I’m spending the day exploring the Carter museum and discovering how idealistic this President was. In fact, many of his concerns are hot topic now. Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter + Scooter in Background

Post office, shower curtain, and peace flag

A few things on the TO DO list. My friend, baker at the Mudhouse, Eliza, has made me a peace flag for the trip. I am zooming out to grab it and have some pizza at Dr. Ho’s thats been planned for awhile now. Otherwise, this is it, the excitement is swelling to a massive level. I leave for the Peace Tour in the afternoon tomorrow (Thursday)-after a swim in the river with the pup and a yoga class. Looking forward to meeting good people and talking about Peace all summer! The White House kick off put me in touch with Denise-a very cool lady-who bought me a cup of joe and offered a reprieve from heavy scooting. She’s another Buddy owner for Peace!
Two Buddy owners for Peace

Peace! Alix

A response with my ethos

This is an excerpt from my correspondence with a very cool, supportive female scooterist in D.C. We are trying to get a ride in place, if not with a bunch of people, at least a chance to meet one another. Anyways, I am posting my response to make my modus operandi a bit clearer to the public.

I wanted to respond to, “but so far I don’t know which of the scootin’ folks are sufficiently opposed to the war to be up for riding with you.”
“The message behind this trip is Peace, first and foremost. I am trying to do something where the war isn’t the focus, but Peace is. Hopefully, if we start from that perspective, we eventually all get to the same point-that war doesn’t seem to solve conflict, it just establishes power-power over and not power with-which is what a democracy is supposed to be. But the more we focus on war- even “anti-war” the less we are really getting to the heart of what Peace is and what it means to the individual. Make any sense? Thats why this summer I am just asking people to define Peace. The individual who takes the time to define something has just empowered themselves and created a way to measure results. P.E.A.C.E.SCOOTER is meant to be more inclusive than an anti-war event, a lot of people won’t go to those- but that doesn’t mean they can’t define Peace for themselves. I can’t think of anyone who would truly say and mean that they don’t want peace for themselves in some manner…and I’m just riding around trying to figure out what those personal definitions are. ”

Try this statement: I am at Peace when we are at War. That just seems weird.
Mother Teresa always said something like “you won’t see me at an anti-war rally, but throw a pro-peace rally and I’m there!’

I would rather us make history by creating Peace, than become history in its absence.


Putting Peace on the Map

Hey Lookers!

This summer Peace will be put on the map.

Yep, literally. I will drive a route that creates a Peace sign around the U.S.

The route starts at the White House and ends in Crawford, TX.
What’s in Crawford, TX?
Well, that’s George W. Bush’s other home.

The way I see it, don’t exclude. Include. He’s a world leader and he’s also a citizen. First off, this ain’t an anti-war demonstration. It’s a pro-active Peace Demonstration. I am asking all Americans to define Peace with me this summer, Mr. President included. It’s important that our world leaders have a working definition of Peace, and help us to achieve it. You know that quote, “Be the change you want to see in world?”

Well, I think change occurs when we have a working definition of what we want. And accountability to incorporate the changes. So, the focus this summer is INCLUSION. And diversity. I bet there are a lot of responses to the question, “How do you define Peace?”

Regardless, let’s not define what we are by what we are not. Let’s transcend.

Sure, its hard to rise above lies, suffering, injustice, but that’s what I am trying to do. This summer, let’s point TWO fingers, not one. (that makes a peace sign)

The trip is estimated to be 9,000+miles and will take over 2 months.
It is a creative campaign to hasten Peace in our country, in our world and works with these themes:

  • The seeds of our beliefs. What does Peace mean to you?
  • Environmentally friendlier forms of travel!
  • Community: demonstrating our interconnectivity!
  • And yes. I want to see this war end.

I am asking the public to offer me your definition of Peace. I will be filming the dialog I have with people, and other events also.

I have a memorial planned to honor dead U.S. soldiers when my odometer marks that number. (unfortunately)

Peace isn’t just a revelation reserved for hippies, anti-war protesters, and the “left.”
It’s how we take care of our bodies, our children, our communities, our neighbors-global and local, and our environment.

Everyone of us has a future and is responsible for the co-creation of it with others.

What does it look like to you?

Remember: Point two fingers, not one!


“Mankind must put an end to war, or war will put an end to mankind…War will exist until that distant day when the conscientious objector enjoys the same reputation and prestige that the warrior does today.”
— John F. Kennedy

Trip Blip


A Patriot’s Exhibition Advancing Community and Environmentalism, on a Scooter

Peace, what is it?
Do you think we have enough of it? What is your vision?
I don’t settle for the world I live in these days. Actually, were any of us really taught to settle?
It’s a culture where we always envision more, right? More technology, more toys, more security, more education, more cleverness, more coffee, more success, more polar bears, more competition, more…
I envision MORE PEACE.

I envision decisions that prevent conflict and create relationships. Decisions that create community, a global community, not just a global market. Is it really that difficult to co-create this vision?

Sure, until you know what your definition of peace is. Then you have a way to measure results…

C’mon, what do you really think about the state of affairs…
We are still at war -a war based on lies.
Republicans and Democrats are still tusslin’. The Environment is in a whoppin’ mess.
Peace may be the opposite of war, but it also describes a type of relationship, to oneself and their environment. And here we are, Americans, global leaders and visionaries, pointing fingers at one another, making little progress…
It’s really a simple thing I want you to do.
Just define Peace for me.
While I’m out here cruising around our vast, beautiful country, think about Peace with me. When I pull into your town, tell me what you came up with.
And don’t point one finger, POINT TWO.