Post office, shower curtain, and peace flag

A few things on the TO DO list. My friend, baker at the Mudhouse, Eliza, has made me a peace flag for the trip. I am zooming out to grab it and have some pizza at Dr. Ho’s thats been planned for awhile now. Otherwise, this is it, the excitement is swelling to a massive level. I leave for the Peace Tour in the afternoon tomorrow (Thursday)-after a swim in the river with the pup and a yoga class. Looking forward to meeting good people and talking about Peace all summer! The White House kick off put me in touch with Denise-a very cool lady-who bought me a cup of joe and offered a reprieve from heavy scooting. She’s another Buddy owner for Peace!
Two Buddy owners for Peace

Peace! Alix

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  1. Hi Alix! You know how the Universe sometimes gives great ideas to more than one person, just to make sure it really happens? Well, you’re not alone! We will be walking from Salem OR starting on July 27 and probably heading toward Washington. Maybe we will cross paths. Good luck and keep up the nice work! BTW on our site,, we have a page called peaceful people. Its a list you can add your name to if you wish. We are developing a page called beautiful people which is just pictures of peaceful people. We were wondering if we could use the picture of you contemplating in the middle of the peace symbol for our main picture?

    Peace to you and your’s,

  2. Hi Alix, I’m a fellow Buddy 125 owner here and I think your cause and dedication to peace and environmental issues is wonderful. I have recently taken a long 250 mile trip on my Buddy and thought I should warn you of a possible problem. Long distance riding can thin out your rear end gear oil. You should probably carry some of it on you seeing that you’ll be covering more miles than me. If you see oil collecting on the left side of your rear wheel at a stop like when you’re refueling or eating, you should keep an eye on it and maybe after a couple thousand miles drain and refill it with the proper amount since it could have run low by then. Good luck on your journey!

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