“Raking war over the coals”


*photo courtesy of http://blogs.commercialappeal.com/bbq/archives/offbeat_bbq/

Past coupla days the theme here has been activities involving the formation of a Peace sign- er, in Wisconsin. Well, just 114 miles down the road from Racine, WI, in Madison, you are invited to the “Grill’n for Peace.” I think Tom Barry, founder, artist and obvious Peacenik is a top notch man. Far as I’m concerned, this is a brilliant event, focusing on the jewels of life; food, old-school weber grills, outdoor gatherings, Peace signs, fundraisers, community and frozen lakes. That’s right. The event will be held on Lake Wingra. This is astonishing to a Southern girl like myself-the only bodies of frozen water I’ve seen lately are in the ice cube tray.

Now, the weather forecast at www.wunderground.com tells me that tomorrow is going to be warmer than today in Madison, a whopping 3 degrees FAHRENHEIT. So, maybe by February 2, temperatures will be a more comfortable 15 degrees. However, we want that lake to stay frozen, since participants will be setting up their Weber grills, in Peace formation, at 10am. Aerial photos will be taken, which I look forward to seeing. Apparently, this isn’t the first time that Tom Barry has used a frozen Lake as a canvas, once he arranged 53 Christmas Trees into a Peace sign in tribute to his former neighbor. Is this guy cool or what? And if you know him, please, ask him to leave his Peace definition over here on the Wall. Otherwise known as the Speak Your Peace wall (SYP)

Now, my apologies to Wisconsinites that I missed ’em last summer, when I was scootin’ around the country to make a big Peace sign. But I promise I did have some healthy portions of BarBQ in Austin, TX. And I sure look forward to meeting some of these peaceniks when I visit in 2008….

The full story can be read over at: http://www.madison.com/tct/news/268268

*thanks to Pete Selkowe for another good scoop*

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