Per the windscreen question

Quite frequently I see debate amongst Folks in scooter forums about the pros/cons of having a windscreen. Almost once a day.
Folks, no crosswind has ever outweighed the advantage of having my windscreen. It keeps me safe from wind exhaustion and mostly helps save on gas. And just look out how many bugs it has killed! If you are a bug sympathizer, the windscreen is not for you.


Oh, and it has been cleaned 3x since the trip started!

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  1. I had a windscreen on my Honda Spree back in ’89, I liked the bug protection and in the winter it helped shield the cold air. I never thought of it as helping with mileage, I guess my thinking was that it might decrease it just a bit but not enough to not want a windscreen.

    I’ve been wanting the Yamaha Vino 125, but saw a comparison of the Buddy 125 with the Vino, seems the Buddy has more helmet storage space, the storage box under the handlebars, gas cap is not blocked by a top box, and it holds half a gallon more gas than the Vino. The site also said it was “zippier” than the Vino, 0-35 in 3-4 seconds compared to the Vino’s 6.?? and the seat is wider to the front, supposedly more comfortable for longer rides.

    I live about 1 hour from the dealer in New Orleans. Wishing you a safe ride on the Peace ride, and is that “Event” bag on the front of your bike for a tent or is it a duffle? Take care,


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