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Today I had the honor of speaking with Rosie Olson and Karen Johnson, live on Blog Talk Radio. dop_250_support.jpgRosie is the host, and her warm personality made me feel as though we were friends in the same room. This helped with my initial shyness, although the program aired live and captures a lot of my “ohs, ums, and ahs.”

Because it was more like a conversation than an interview, I didn’t say a lot of things I wish I had. About how wonderful and generous everyone has been. See, I felt shy about going on and on about me.

It was really an honor to speak with two insightful, experienced women and I wish Karen Johnson had spoken more, as she lives what I’m on the road doing.  She is a wise woman, the MidWest Regional Coordinator for the Department of Peace. The DOP is legislation that must be passed and I encourage everyone to read more about it through the Peace Alliance website.

Karen wrote me back a few months ago, one of the few Peace organizations to do so-not only encouraging me, but notifying her contacts about the ride. This show of solidarity was impressive, as I have sadly seen little of it in the Peace, specifically anti-war movement.

Among many other things, I discuss my recent disenchantment with the liberal 60’s in this show. It is an hour and a half long. Go on, turn up the speakers and listen while you surf the web. Thanks to Rosie and Karen for making my first live interview so comfortable.

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  1. Hey Alix,
    Just checked-out your site. I’m glad I could inspire you to volunteer… and meet the folks I’ve blogged about… and get people to sign your scooter.

    Ride Safe!

  2. Peter,
    Having people sign your bike was a brilliant idea, definitely. Last year people signed a journal for me-this is much easier.
    Don’t worry, I’m not making a coffee table book from it. My scoot has put on some miles and loves the signatures-“tattoo” as I call them. Someone suggested it and I agreed it was a good idea Peter.

    Per volunteering, honey, I minored in non profit administration, I’ve been volunteering for a LONG time before I EVER heard of you. Reading my website further, you will see that I wanted to volunteer last year, and was so not prepared and never kept a schedule. (40 day planning).

    I did, however, attend events and volunteer my time to cleaning up.

    Volunteering is great-I’m fund raising for nonprofits on this trip, $1 per 1 mile driven. Volunteering really helps me experience an organization before making the decision where to donate. It also helps out communities.
    P.E.A.C.E -A Patriot’s Exhibition Advancing Community and Environmentalism.

    Please don’t assume you gave me an idea to volunteer, but anyways, didn’t you hope “that your actions inspire people to volunteer.” Why would you come at me like this-are you going to do this whenever you see that someone is volunteering?

    Matua, the world is small, especially among couchsurfers and scooterists. In fact you stayed with Johnny Nomad, who I met last year. Isn’t that cool?!
    Scooterists take care of one another Peter and we fortunately get
    to meet many of the same people. Many OTHER riders experience the same treatment.

    Also, before I visit a town, I search “scooter forums” in yahoo groups. I did see through the NOLA group that you had been there and I did say that we were friends, as you have said on many occasions, even on a live interview.

    Um, because I thought we were.

    I’m really proud of you, ride safe.

  3. Furthermore, you can call me if there is something else you need to discuss. Being that we are both in the middle of riding, blogging, surviving, fundraising, avoiding gravel roads and storms and offering service work to the country-I suggest we make better use of our time.

  4. Alix,

    Thank you so much for posting such a nice blog about our “conversation” !! It was my pleasure to have you on my show. We should do it again! Take care and be safe. We are going through a lot of flooding in my home town here. It is horrible…no one alive has seen it this bad before. Hope you are warm and dry where ever you are!


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