Halfway there

Hey y’all. Raffle drawing date is extended. I won’t be drawing the winners until the pot reaches at least close to  the amount of the prize.
Contributions jumped up yesterday, so now we are HALFWAY! Yee-haw. Don’t forget, this nice NEW bag was generously donated and Timbuk 2 will ship it directly to you. Run fast to let your friends and family know, too.

$5 clams is what? A Guiness at most bars? A pack of smokes? A tank of gas?
A patch? A dozen eggs plus tax? A combo meal? Two new Sharpie markers? Box of tampons?

Some great people agreed to support the fund raising (for donation to non profits) by donating prizes. These run for the next 10 weeks. The sooner this raffle closes, the sooner I put up a new one, thanks to them!

That means you will be seeing a lot of these posts, so lots of love-and remember, it’s for a good cause. 😀



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