Long Distance Scooterist #11

Wow, the 24 hr countdown has now started. Although today I have the most incredible list to accomplish-I still owe a report about 4 more LDS. (long distance scooterists)

“PJ is a great fellow. He was the inspiration for what I’m doing scooter-wise. I hope I eventually get to meet him. Thanks, PJ!”

The above is a response to the last LDS. From a nice fellow named Eric, who just started his trip, Scoot 66. I thought you should know you will have many chances to host a wayward traveling scooterist this summer, between him, Matua, and myself-one of us will be coming to a town near you.

Eric is a really cool guy, his life always seems very interesting. We’ve never met, but I read his blog and enjoy the photos, journals and poetry. He brings a great dynamic to the scooterist legions.

Go run fast to check him out, HERE. It feels unusually cold out here on the East Coast and after reading his first posts, I’m considering my heavier jacket for the first leg.


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