Day 3 in the Twin Cities

July 17th, the day Americans anxiously await the release of the Dark Knight.

My Minneapolis recreation activities director  had returned to work after a brief vacation with me.  I had many things planned though and was happy to have my own transpo. I even felt pretty comfortable getting through the big city. Eden Prairie, where my hosts live, is a 40 minute drive into the city. I forgot this and was running late.

Electric BobI was heading to Scooterville to meet Bob and attend a Green Fair being hosted by the biggest law firm in Minneapolis. Bob was invited to showcase scooters, especially his electric pride and joy, the Vectrix.

Read this thorough review of the Vectrix to find out about a really cool machine that has ZERO emissions and takes pennies to operate after the initial purchase.


It was an interesting two hours. I actually took the scooter up to the 29th floor, on the freight elevator.
I was asked if it was going to leak everywhere. I said, “No, she’s housebroken.”

I was impressed that the firm offers an event like this to their employees. There were about 15 booths, with information ranging from alternative transpo, to efficient lighting, recycling, composting, organic food. I talked to just a few people who knew more than I did. Not to sound smug, I’ve just been pursuing a sustainable lifestyle for a really long time.

I found out about potato spoons though. That makes the potato even more exciting than ever. You can eat a baked potato with a potato. That’s cool. And then you can compost it and fertilize the ground to grow more potatoes. Brilliant.

Each exhibit was given a liaison, someone who worked with the firm helped promote our booth. Ours was a fellow two wheeler and she really helped educate people about P.E.A.C.E Scooter. People signed the scooter and were really cute and awkward about it. Somebody asked, “what’s some cool scooter lingo? What do you say to one another?”

“Rubber side down. Shiny side up.”
So he wrote R.S.S.S.S.U

IMG_2380I ran around and collected info to send home to my mom, thinking she might learn a couple of things. I applaud the steps the firm has taken to be sustainable. They have made a firm commitment and  they have the money to do so and if other firms and corporations follow their example the price of these new technologies will drop. One cheerful, talkative lady made a good point. She said, “in most cases, to get people to listen, you have to separate conservation from environmentalism.”

Meaning that most people are willing to conserve resources when they realize it’s beneficial to them-that they will save money.  Just like the scooter frenzy taking place. People are willing to choose a fuel efficient, low emissions vehicle now that they are getting hit in the pocketbook.

But I know what will happen. They’ll wind up having fun on one. They might even drive 22,000 miles. I mean, I only had my 50cc for 350 miles before I decided to do this trip.

I’ve found lately that heavy duty conversation wears me out and I loose my voice quickly. I still love what I’m doing. I’ve given a lot of energy to thousands of people; listening, helping, learning, teaching, writing, riding. It’s made my life better and brighter. The work itself regenerates me, but it’s my body that is starting to hurt.

When we arrived back at the shop, David Harrington was there, of And wow, talk about energy. That man is solar powered. I told him I had to eat before I could manage an interview.

It was easy, he’s an informed conversationalist and smoothes over any rough moments.  As we were taping (you can hear the two strokes in the background) people started arriving for the BBQ. Thanks to everyone’s generosity, we raised $180. Many thanks for the donations and great conversation.

I don’t think of myself as the celebrity that people make me out to be. I feel awkward when people call me that.  I don’t want to be ogled, I’m a little shy like that. I think everyone should know that following your dream is a relatively simple undertaking. The biggest thing that prohibits someone is that they focus on all the things stopping them and not the things there to help their dream along.

Also, I guess I don’t want someone who travels to talk about Peace to be a hero, because I would rather that our world never got to this point.

Nothing means as much to me as new Peace definitions on the website. And actually, the fine people in the Twin Cities have been leaving a lot of them.

There were the usual round of questions. About my butt. About housing.
And then, the most interesting question yet.
“Do you ever cry?”
“Yes. I did. Recently.” I told him all about it. “Do you cry?”
“No. Men don’t cry.
“I think of it as exfoliation.”
“Like a face mask. Rubbing the dead skin cells away. When and if I can cry (doesn’t happen that easy) I am getting out what is weighing me down and making room for what can bring me up. ”

C-FoamThere was an abundance of food and conversation. Herbert was stealing the show with his funny one liners. He gave me the Lake Wobegone Mints. Kent stole the best in show with his mod Stella beauty, C-Foam. I met a lot of great people that night, thank you all for coming out and making the long road a lot more bearable. I wish every city could offer the same amount of support!!!!
Then, it was time for the Dark Knight. I’m not a movie reviewer. It’s a brilliant movie, if you can get past Batman’s silly voice. Go see it.

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