Blue Skies over Lake Wobegone, finally

Minneapolis July 17. Day 2

I didn’t want to get out of bed. I did. I had some coffee. I wanted to go back to bed. The sky dumped torrential rain. Thankfully, no driving. I can’t think of a day in the past year when I’ve pulled back the blinds to see rain and promptly snuggled back into the covers to hibernate.

Dave called right on time. Man, he is surely a recreational activities director!  We discussed the afternoon BBQ. I was told that Minnesota weather is as fickle as a presidential candidate;  it will change every 15 minutes. A conference with Bob confirmed that we should do a raindate and Friday might be better anyhow.

Ok. I should have gone back to bed.
By the time Dave picked me up, it was gorgeous and sunny.

IMG_2372We went in search of People serving People, the only family-focused shelter in Minnesota. I wasn’t sure if Dave was dropping me off, watching me work, or working with me. I was so incredibly happy that he decided to put on a hairnet, apron, gloves and serve food next to me! This is what I’m going for- action!
It’s one thing to tell me you think the ride is cool, but I want you to jump in and define Peace, to help volunteer, and to do it even when I leave your town!

If you are Minneapolis, People serving People needs you, and for a variety of services. They serve approximately 300 people a day, three meals a day. Dave portioned out carrots and became a health Natzi when the kids came back from 2nds-of cookies. “Did you eat your carrots?”
No one really did, he should have been the cookie man-more popular.

IMG_2374The cookie man was actually from the company that provides a lot of financial support to the shelter. So was the chicken and baked potato man, Tom. Pretty cool, donating money and labor. A lot of places have told me that it is actual people that they need as much as money. The food looked good and they provide really valuable services.

It was hard to see so many children, but I know that the shelter is providing many, many services for them. Lynette was the conductor of the whole thing and I liked watching her in action. She was very good with the kids and took aside many mothers to encourage them. Dave and I kept the jokes rolling and he seemed to enjoy the whole event.
Hmmm. Where were all the Dads? Maybe trying to work? I hope. I saw maybe 6 men the whole time.

After I swept up, we went to grab the scooter! Apparently, I was beaming. Dave even texted Daphne to let her know how happy I was to have it back.
I have gone back to completely stock engine. The performance pipe is gone. We felt that this was best since my elevation keeps changing. It’s a great pipe, though, and now my engine is ninja. So quiet in comparison, but probably better on the eardrums and long term hearing. Hearing is only something that can be lost, not gained back!

Kate's sketchWhat better way to celebrate than a drive out to Lake Wobegon, err, Lake Minnetonka. Nathaniel seemed impressed that all I want to do on my days off is ride, but they happily got on their scooters to show me around. We took a nice cruise and everything was so green, smelled so good-after the rain earlier.

I really like riding with Nathaniel and Kate. They know their bikes, know how to ride and like to play at stoplights. We rode very harmoniously over to the India Palace, their favorite. Everything on the menu looked so good! I went with a paneer and somehow finished it. Kate drew a P.E.A.C.E Scooter sketch and received compliments on her art and her pink scooter, from the employees.

Volunteering, riding, Indian food! Makes you sleep good at night! Seriously, if people could just turn off the TV for 2 hours a week and visit their local shelter-they would find it is a rewarding feeling and that their help is greatly appreciated!

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