People amaze me

P.E.A.C.E Scooter takes more work than I ever thought it would. Not a bad thing and there’s really no way I could have known exactly what this would be like. Like today, I compiled a list and a letter, to be sent in mass to 1,000 people. I wrote to tell people that this is the final homestretch and I need support in many ways.

Brad wrote me back and what he wrote totally made my day. So thoughtful. Thanks Brad!


Here’s something I’m doing that you may want to suggest to others. Every time I fill my scooter’s gas tank, I match the cost of the fill-up with cash in an envelope that will be sent to you (PayPal? prefer something else so no fee deductions). Been doing this for some time and I think I’m at about $40. I know it’s not a ton, but filling my scooter at twice the cost is still cheaper than filling my cage …. and it’s my way of “riding” with you.

Good luck and I really find what you are doing to be very inspiring.


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  1. Hey Brad,
    Lovely idea…Alex is so inspiring, anybody out there sat on their scooter seat for more than two hours solid, lately?

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