Calling for support

Greeting friends, I hope there is joy in your lives. If you get the chance, I would love to hear from you. If you want to be removed from this list, let me know. There won’t be many more of these updates….

Most of you probably know that almost a year ago, I set out to make a dream come true. Now, with 19,500 miles on the scooter, I am just 3,200 miles away from home. Most importantly, I am 3,200 miles away from creating the largest Peace sign in history. I am writing to ask you all to PLEASE support P.E.A.C.E SCOOTER during the remaining 5 week homestretch.

Wow! I’ll be honest,  I’ve faced a lot of challenges in these 19,000 miles: hail, lightning, flash flooding, tornadoes, rain, temps from 40-106, antagonizers, breakdowns, road rage, spills, gravel roads, bad directions.  Your support, my conviction, and some gracious angels have made this distance possible.

What a country! What scenery! What amazing conversations! What problems we face and triumphs we can celebrate! I have spoken with thousands of people; about Peace, our communities, our environment, our future.  Many of you who are receiving this letter have helped me along the way. Not only will it be the largest Peace sign created, it will be the best because of all the stories and people who have contributed.

The routes I have taken will be put in a wikipedia so that people can continue to walk or ride the Peace path for generations to come. There are almost daily contributions to the Wall of Peace; creating a community where we can appreciate perspectives.
Those routes have led me through many cultures and terrains; through obstacles and challenges-all met with reward. They have led to old and new friends, my extended family now stretches around the country. My hope was that you could follow along with me through photos, blogs, and video, to gain insight into our grand country.

donate_map.jpgI need your support now more than ever before. I’m begging you to think about Peace with me everyday for the next 5 weeks, to read along, join me if you can, and to spread the word loud and proud amongst your friends, even strangers.

My goal this summer is to raise just $1 per 1 mile driven. Despite rising prices, of everything it seems, can you spare a little donation to a great cause? In tribute, your name will be put on the Peace map. You are not just helping this project, at least 60% of the fundraising is going to four other great causes.

They are: The Peace Alliance, The Last Mile (hospice care), Scootin for a Cure (breast cancer research) and an Environmental organization. (TBA)
To keep it fun, there are donated prizes being raffled every week, just $5 a ticket. So far, we have raised at least $5,000, please help reach the $ 22,000 goal!

feat_t-shirts.pngAnother way to spread the word about the Peace ride is to buy a limited edition tshirt through There are three sweet designs and they are all printed on American Apparel shirts. And last but not least, KEYCHAINS.

I think that’s enough merch to give you plenty of options, and I really appreciate Genuine for providing them as a way to raise funds!
Our strength grows when we unite in thought and action. Together, we are making a difference. We are inspiring people to dig deep and shape history.
Imagine the ripple effect if each of you could donate and convince one or two more people in also sending just $10–less than the cost of the average trip to the movies.

Of course there are many other ways to help-I also need ground support!

  • Can you place me in your blog roll for the next 5 weeks?
  • Am I on your route? Check the calendar to see. Know of a good host/hostess? Ride a scooter or motorcycle?
  • Want to ride along in this event?
  • Can you join me in Washington D.C. at the end, to create a large human Peace sign?
  • Know of an organization where I can volunteer or one that would love to know about the Peace ride?
  • Can you send the paper a press release?

What started as a bizarre notion with little chance of happening has grown into an amazing journey. Again, a deep bow to you for your compassion and belief in this project!
I know great people!

Pointing two fingers in Peace,

Alix Bryan

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  1. Alix-okay, I wanted to leave you information to contact me but didn’t want it posted publicly. My personal cell phone is __________ (edited) (I left you a work number on a comment to a picture). I will be in Kentucky from July 19th to the 23rd, and my 20 year old daughter will be with me in Chicago till early morning July 29th. The first few days would be a tight squeeze, but you are welcome to sack out on my sofa for any of the time you are in Chicago. I am a (female) hospice chaplain (for Rainbow Hospice) and becoming a new owner of a Buddy International Italia. Been wanting a scooter since 1965, when as a kid in Germany they were all over the place. My hospice work takes me all over Chicago, the solitary person in a Saturn car. a waste of gas and having to deal with parking. I finally stopped the voices of friends who said a scooter wasn’t safe, took a motorcycle basics course to learn how to do it as safely as possible. I’m picking my Buddy up today (July 15) after work. Would love to pick your brains about your ride, travel and packing suggestions, etc. The Scooterworks store here in Chicago is great-Randall’s mom is a hospice nurse, I think he said. He’ll take good care of Audre if she needs work. My place is just one bedroom, but it’s homey and peaceful and spacious in feel, I have a friendly little black cat, Pee Wee, who was born with stumps for hind legs (legs to his knees, but he gets around fine), the sofa is comfy, and I have a washer/dryer you can use. I would be happy to host you while you are in Chicago. Nitza (rhymes with pizza) Rosario

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