Gas, food, lodging

I am behind on updates, but wanted to share this video with you. It was made in a flash. The filming when scooting was shot with my Canon powershots and turned out ok. I am driving with one hand though and filming-quite an accomplishment on the curves and in the wind. The wind was horrible, I was getting blown away when off the scoot.
Anyhow, enjoy, and I will update later!

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  1. Well I think it’s time for a bigger gas can! Anyway, your gas problems are over once you’re in San Diego… for a while anyway.

    I’m glad you have someone with you for this leg of the trip!

    Ride safe,

    “Big Guy”

  2. Hi Alix,
    I am one of the two guys you met in N.M. at a gas staion. We were riding the four corners tour. I ask you if you rode the scooter from V.A. You gave us a post card with a your route making a peace sign aross the states. We made it to Key West. I hope your journey will be safe and you have lot’s of happy trails.
    Take care,

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