Update on the man trying to flag me down near the border

A couple of blogs ago I mentioned that a strange man in a van tried to get me to stop. Stop for an unknown person, on a road that’s considered dangerous, which runs along the Mexico border.

Despite the fact that most things people say are dangerous turn out to be not as menacing-I was still NOT going to stop for this guy.

Late the next night I received an email from Drew, a couchsurfing host. He lives in Bisbee, AZ and I had contacted him for lodging while in town. Because he would be out of town, he referred me to someone else, Mo and Paxon, who did wind up being my lovely hosts.

It turns out, against all reasonable odds, that Drew was the man on the desolate byway, flagging me down and scaring me out of my pants.

His email:

” Alix-
Why didn’t you stop for me? I was chasing you down
waving, honking and flashing my lights on the highway
outside of El Paso. You looked right at me. I was
driving the white van. I even passed you and tried
slowing down!!
Well, enjoy your trip..”

That’s just strange enough luck that I might consider buying a lottery ticket!

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