Thank You Tara

Today I received a paypal donation. My eyes were googly at the amount. $300. Of course, every single bit donated makes a difference. What really affected me the most was the note from Tara. Tara, have we met? It was CLAW, right? A big hug to you-thanks for having such a wonderful heart.

Said Note:

Dear Alix,
In light of my new motto F.U.W., I am donating my entire “economic stimulus” check to you.

Best wishes,Tara

What is F.U.W?
I googled it and the first response was “Famer’s Union of Whales”

5 Replies to “Thank You Tara”

  1. I’m putting my guess in that the “W” is for dubya…and the first 2 letters stand for a catchy phrase that isn’t appropriate to repeat in a public forum.

  2. Hee hee.
    I know. She decided she didn’t want blood money and it would be better used towards charity.

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