Oh I love these raffles! This one wasn’t very active at first, but close to the finishing line a bunch of people entered! Thanks everybody for helping to raise $130 this week. However, this week we have a Timbuk2 messenger bag,donated at $150 value, that scooterists, SUV drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians alike will LOVE. Let your friends and family know, and help beat the money raised this week. We can do it! Isn’t it awesome?!!!

The golden ticket winners are:

Stebel Nautilus Horn: Shane
If your neighborhood didn’t know you were there, they will now! Enjoy! And thanks for buying 10 tickets, it obviously upped your odds!

Vespa Pint Glass: Ryan H.
Whatever your fancy is, drink more of it in style! Hey Buddy, let me know if you would prefer a Stella or Buddy one.

New Prize:


2 Replies to “Congratulations!”

  1. Alix,
    Below I’m pasting a copy of a portion of a paragraph from this entry:
    “Sadly, I missed Matua by 24 hours, actually talking to him on the phone when he was here. He was rushing past Jackson, as seems to be his pace. It was frustrating, but I can understand not wanting to stick around here too long.”

    Now, I’d like to set you and the record straight…
    1) I’m not rushing. Repeat, NOT RUSHING. I have a schedule, because before I even began riding, I had thought-out and PLANNED to volunteer. Accordingly, I needed to devise a schedule so the nonprofits could schedule me to volunteer. I am merely trying to respect their generosity by arriving when I said and SAY I am going to.

    2) I had no ill-will towards Jackson, MS. In fact, I spent a few hours sitting in a lovely coffeehouse and speaking with the wonderful people of Jackson. Furthermore, I spent the bloody night in Jackson, where once again, I conversed with and enjoyed the local residents and visitors.

    3) Your ride, P.E.A.C.E. Scooter, is and should be YOUR RIDE. My ride, Vespadition, is and should REMAIN MY RIDE. Please don’t blur the lines between our two seperate missions and give people the false impression that our two rides are affiliated.

    Ride Safe,

  2. It’s ok, Peter, I know what my ride is, I have since last year when I started. I find it rather unnecessary that after approaching me for help with your ride, using my letter to acquire some of your sponsorships and then reposting my words as your own on that you tell me what is my ride. The kindness and compassion seem to be missing from your approach.

    Many times we spoke about the common threads between our rides and even mentioned trying to coordinate. I have no idea why you now feel threatened, as it seems you are by trying to remind me what my ride is-when I’ve been doing it for quite some time.
    Below, I’m pasting something you wrote to me on Feb. 22. It has to do with the logo you created that synthesized our two logos. Remember that?

    ” The PACE image is by no means a final version. Moreover it was just something I played with. Its uncanny how well our colours go together. The more I think about P.A.C.E. the more excited I get about the possibilities – during our rides and afterwards. I can even imagine a network of P.A.C.E. websites (people & organisations with Peace and Compassion-focused websites), with little P.A.C.E. logos on the websites declaring them “a P.A.C.E. Website”. Its limitless, really.”

    Limitless Peter, as the world is. Individuals all over are helping in their own way to improve the world. We are not the only ones, but we are all affiliated.

    I will continue to share my contacts with you and rejoice when I know we get to meet the same people. Being that we are on rides going 20,000+ it is going to happen.

    I was bummed we didn’t meet in Jackson. And the people are wonderful, I stayed two days. But I wouldn’t move there. I’m not the first to comment on your pace, ask you to slow down, as we want you to be good to yourself, so that you continue showing us how to be good to others.

    Relax and ride safe

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