Nothing runs like a….

P.E.A.C.E Deere

Have I mentioned yet that I want to mow at least one yard in each state into a Peace sign?
I need your help! I haven’t mowed a single lawn yet. I’m passing tons of John Deere’s on these country roads and just longing…..

Run fast to tell your friends, family, co-workers-what have you. Help me get some grass,to mow. Here is the idea. I’ve approached Black and Decker to donate a 24V Electric, Cordless mower to raffle among those who let me mow their lawns. I haven’t heard back yet. Their mower is the better alternative to gas powered mowers, which likely contributes to 5% of our air pollution.

You can reach me about a lawn to mow, or even a place to stay, by using this sweet contact form.

2 Replies to “Nothing runs like a….”

  1. You can do ours. We live right next to a big park with a huge swath of green grass as well. We’re just outside Chicago.

    You might also consider fertilizing in a peace sign. The grass that’s been fertilized will be greener and the sign will last the whole summer.

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