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  1. Hi I am featured in an article in the latest Scooter Zine (the same one you are featured in). I just wanted to drop a note regarding your peace ride. I had not heard about it until today 06/18/2020. I just felt compelled to say that your ride was very impressive. As I have ridden coast to coast on a scooter I feel that I know better than most what you have accomplished. I am very impressed. I have wanted to ride boarder to boarder after my coast to coast ride but have not found the time, energy, riding buddy, etc.. You didn’t have any of that and yet you completed what I wanted to do and more. You are an inspiration to all. Not just scooter riders, though they will obviously appreciate what you accomplished quite a bit more than most. I have owned and operated a motorcycle dealership in El Paso Texas since 1985. I was wondering if you passed through El Paso during your travels?
    Tracy McIntyre

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