Random Peace (Peacemeal)

I have a lot of personal updates to bring you, but that will have to wait. I’m finally back home, in Cville, after two weeks of traveling, before leaving in just 3 days for 12 weeks of travel. This revelation has me feeling sleepy, so I’ll play catch up with all the good news tomorrow.

Thankfully, this blog does have some readers. Not just that but they send me great photos about Peace. Pete Selkowe sent in two of the below photos. He’s gone quite the long distance himself. His God Protects the Stupid Tour was London to Athens and back. 4,300 miles, AND he got to take ferries).


Speaking of taking ferries and photos, Orin, a Seattle blogger, sent in this one. It was taken whilst riding with the Westender’s Scooter Club in Seattle, WA. I met quite a few of them last year and hope I get to see them again this year- such kind, entertaining folk.


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