Long Distance Scooterist #10

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Roaming Around My Beloved Land, Exploring

R.A.M.B.L,E is a distinctive travel journal, you will enjoy the accounts of America, whether or not you ride scooters. PJ Chmiel is a man of class and intelligence. He sets the bar high; just spend a few minutes on his travel blog and you will see what I mean.

The people I met were incredible; I really wish I’d had a clandestine voice recorder to capture the conversations. As it was I managed to scribble down a few quotes here and there. Besides scooterists I met good ol’ country boys, sophisticated women, gritty urbanites, hell-raising barflys, fast-talking street philosophers, soccer-moms, friendly hobos, wily entrepreneurs, Cajun swampers, Texas cowboys, back-to-the-land idealists and various students of life. The fabric of this big patchwork quilt we inhabit, all indispensable.

I am personally extending a deep bow to PJ for his assistance with P.E.A.C.E Scooter. He is the first person I contacted for advice and he has helped in incalculable way; the first was passing along Philip McCaleb’s email address.

I’ve learned a lot from this fella, and feel like I know a lot about him- it’s astounding that we have never met. But, back to R.A.M.B.L,E.


Well, what are you waiting on, go READ IT.


2 Replies to “Long Distance Scooterist #10”

  1. It’s a pleasure knowing you, Alix B. The friendships you’ve made on this journey are an inspiration. You make fast friends from complete strangers. It’s a magic you’ve mastered, and I’m honored to have been pulled out of the hat. Ride steady.

  2. PJ is a great fellow. He was the inspiration for what I’m doing scooter-wise. I hope I eventually get around to meeting him.

    Thanks, PJ!

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