CLAW 3 Tonight, 8pm, Blue Moon Diner



Don’t miss CLAW 3, Return of the CLAWs, this Tuesday, April 8th, from 8-10 p.m. If for some reason (other than you don’t live in Cville) you haven’t heard of CLAW, then click here. I’m very excited to cast aside my pacifist tendencies and well, flex my mongo muscles for some entertaining arm wrasslin’. Tonight is a special night, I am both a wrassler and a charity case. CLAW has kindly decided that funds raised tonight go towards P.E.A.C.E Scooter. You give, they give to me, I give to others. Great David-that’s a lot of giving…..

Get to the diner early, y’all, buy drinks and food and don’t forget to bring cash for betting, bribing, and merchandise… Without further ado, here’s the lineup:

Cowgirl Sady-istic (Alix Bryan)
The Prim Reaper (Jennifer Hoyt Tidwell)
The Banana Blitz (Jenni Case)
The Sidewinder (Ros Casey)
The Homewrecker (Kara Dawson)
Kaity the Harrible (Kaity Harr)
Bunny Hampton (Amy Noelle Ferguson)
The Amazon (Maria Manzione)

We’ll keep the first round matchups a secret until the tournament, though. Start the betting!
Video link from some press CLAW and myself received. What a way to break all the news to my mom, huh?

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