I am totally floored to hear the news: CLAW raised $807 dollars for donation to P.E.A.C.E SCOOTER!

TO THE BROTHERS AND SISTERS INVOLVED WITH CLAW, Cowgrrl Sady-istic aka P.E.A.C.E Scooter grrl is tippin her hat to ya. You gave me a proper send off. April 8th matchThank you, most every single one of you, for taking a moment to wish me godspeed and goodluck. My friend Dave began to change his mind about America after last night’s events. Dave pleasantly surprised me with a visit from Toronto, Canada. We might not have a chance to see one another for quite some time and so I’ve enjoyed the distraction.

Back to Claw-how did we give birth to such zaniness?

A big thanks to all the fans who completely packed the Blue Moon Diner-it was a sell out event. Thank god for genius and closed circuit TV in the bar area, allowing enthusiastic supporters a little bit of elbow room with their view. Now if you braved the ringside area, you were in for a super charged night. All wrassler managers put in for some showboating . Special thanks to Mojo who kindly came from nowhere to help this Cowgrrl with her vest and getting her drink in between bouts.

Ok, I can’t hold it back any longer. My CLAW ladies and fine Cville residents raised a GRAND TOTAL OF $807 DOLLARS TO DONATE TOWARDS P.E.A.C.E SCOOTER! Blue Moon kindly helped by donating 10% of sales to the bag o’ funds. A shout out to them and the servers who put up with us once a month. Amy found a sponsor who donated $25 and a kind guy stuck outside for the event donated $5. I don’t think I can offer enough thanks, but I did take Anthony Child’s pictures and put them into a video that’s kinda fun-JUST SO YOU KNOW THAT I THINK YOU ARE ALL SUPERBAD AND I LOVE YOU! Keep up the arms and bets ladies and keep spreading the charity!

*Note* The trophy at the end of the video is one I made, from those Scooterworks postcards. House rules is that the charity recipient fashions the trophy. I chose a classy cigar box, glued some maps on the inside and attached the scooter model to the top. Inside were also gift certificates donated by La Taza and the Tea Bazaar.

CLAW 3 Tonight, 8pm, Blue Moon Diner



Don’t miss CLAW 3, Return of the CLAWs, this Tuesday, April 8th, from 8-10 p.m. If for some reason (other than you don’t live in Cville) you haven’t heard of CLAW, then click here. I’m very excited to cast aside my pacifist tendencies and well, flex my mongo muscles for some entertaining arm wrasslin’. Tonight is a special night, I am both a wrassler and a charity case. CLAW has kindly decided that funds raised tonight go towards P.E.A.C.E Scooter. You give, they give to me, I give to others. Great David-that’s a lot of giving…..

Get to the diner early, y’all, buy drinks and food and don’t forget to bring cash for betting, bribing, and merchandise… Without further ado, here’s the lineup:

Cowgirl Sady-istic (Alix Bryan)
The Prim Reaper (Jennifer Hoyt Tidwell)
The Banana Blitz (Jenni Case)
The Sidewinder (Ros Casey)
The Homewrecker (Kara Dawson)
Kaity the Harrible (Kaity Harr)
Bunny Hampton (Amy Noelle Ferguson)
The Amazon (Maria Manzione)

We’ll keep the first round matchups a secret until the tournament, though. Start the betting!
Video link from some press CLAW and myself received. What a way to break all the news to my mom, huh?

Honk For Peace

Today marks the day the U.S. went to war. Whether or not you are for the war–people are dying. Most people who support the war will not look you in the eye and say, “I’m happy people are dying.”

Well, that’s a common ground we share then. I’m not happy people are dying or that our soldiers are experiencing some awful situations. As a matter of fact, I’m not happy anyone is suffering. And there is a lot of suffering in this world that I just wish I could help make better. I can write about it and show you what I find.

Oh, I bet another common ground that conservatives/liberals share is dismay about all the taxpayer money being spent. Unless of course, you are one of those getting rich off the war..

Now, being PRO-PEACE, I would much rather see soldiers come home, Iraqi civilians safe, and almost 3 billion taxpayer dollars shifted towards more savory ventures. Like education, health care, art, environmental research, legal aid, housing…..

There are many points I could make here, but its late and the most important realization I have is that it’s not bad to go and demonstrate that you want our country to be a better place. You know right now I’ve got a few sponsorship requests out in the field and I think to myself, “Maybe this isn’t good footage to put up right now.” Yep, that actually crossed my mind. Thing is, there isn’t anything happening in this video that should disgust someone. And if they are, well, I can’t not be me. Just thinking about this stuff is why I hesitated in seeking sponsorships last year. I’ve kinda got a rough situation here-Matua has secured a ton of sponsors talking about kindness and compassion, which is at the root of building a Peaceful world. Meanwhile, I’m traveling 20,000 miles to explore how individuals and communities define Peace. It shouldn’t be a shame to talk about making Peace and in the process discussing the horrible travesties of war. But, it gets some dirty reactions. That my friends, means it must be worthwhile……..

And as far as worrying about this being a sensitive subject, I say, Assume the best about somebody if you want to see them do their best.

Enjoy the video:

Stop Funding the War from Alix Bryan on Vimeo.

Martinsville, VA-Route 58

Peace Makers All Over

I made it to Asheville, North Carolina! Along the route 58 I noticed this sign, turned right around and took a picture. Then I waked right up to the door and said, “thank you, ” to the lovely lady who made this sign.

B-U-D-D-Y oh M-Y

So, I’ve been riding. The end. I will get back to you about the new scoot real soon. For now, here’s two pictures that might explain what’s happening. Let’s call the first one “Wanna Ride?” and the second “Ridden!”P.E.A.C.E. SCOOTERFirst Buddy Ride

With gratitude, Alix