Dear Friends and Strangers

I’m not a girl who asks for help often, this is a new thing. But, hey, I’ve just been smacked in the head with a realization. Maybe you want to help me. Maybe you aren’t sure if you want to help, but have some time on your hands and think, “Aw, what the heck.”

Great, I would love your help. The “list” is growing daily. In between paid work and not for profit Peace work, I barely have time to walk the dog, or even take a bubble bath. No worries, I love what I do. I’m here at it everyday to help make a difference and make the world better, because I love people. So who better to ask for help, than, you the people???

Contact me if you can help.  The most specific assistance is contacting Peace organizations so that we can have a critical mass.  Our interdependence is what secures attention and mobilizes the hearts and minds of citizens.  I already have a letter written that I can send off to you! Also, suggesting Peace organizations, who are need of donations would be helpful. My hope is to fundraise at least 10,000 for donation to those orgs who need help keeping the lights on.

Donations here are always lovingly accepted, and we can put your name up on the Peace map in thanks.  

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