Motorcycle Bloggers International-It’s Award Time

New to me this year, maybe new to you, but something we can put under our belts-the MBI Awards. MBI is working hard to make sure the motorcycle industry is serving the rider’s.
You get to cast your vote for various categories: favorite manufacturer, motorcycle, scooter, and more at the Motorcycle Bloggers International Riders Choice Awards web site. Voting is an honest, no-holds-barred expression-topics range from “Object of lust,” to “What were they thinking?”

Although the site is mostly motorcycle oriented, there are a few scooters and scooter companies mentioned. I was disappointed that the Genuine Scooter Company did not receive a nod of honor. Next year I will be casting votes for them and so will you. C’mon, the Buddy125cc is the sizzling new scooter-with a lock on performance and presentation. Philip Mccaleb works hard to keep “America’s Smallest Scooter Company,” making big waves in the scooter community.

None of my favorite scooterists were up for blog awards-although the deserving Crystal Waters was nominated. I did read through the sites of the, “Women rider booster of the year,” and found them all really interesting. I decided to ask Lois, of Lois is on the Loose, for an interview. Stay tuned for that piece, she quickly answered my questions-must be one determined lady.

After finding my way to MBI through Crystal’s website, I decided to apply for membership and am now a happy member of this cool online blog community. Which means I’m hoping for some votes next year….wink…wink……

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