The Missing Peace is….


This summer I will complete “The Missing Peace,” which is a 8,000 mile ride to complete an 19,000 mile Peace sign on the U.S. map. This symbol directly acknowledges that however different the climate and culture in America, our future is interconnected and we create the change we wish to see in the world. Last summer I rode 11,000 miles on a 125CC scooter to complete most of it.

I believe the ability to express meaning through language is a powerful tool and that progress is made when dialog, empathy and insights are cultivated and exchanged within a society. It is obvious that our nation is hungry for change. This change occurs at a social level and moves upward. Change only becomes entrenched in our government policy when we, THE PEOPLE, believe and take responsibility for these beliefs. I believe that while political leaders have worked hard to consciously create a divide among the people, even those working at a grassroots level, it is only the people who can consciously chose to be divided. I have seen almost every person I ask struggle with defining Peace. Before we can achieve real Peace, lasting justice, in the world, we must consciously explore, define and share our vision of what we believe Peace is. Then we must create that vision

As I travel the many miles along this route, I interview people and ask these three questions; “What does Peace mean to you?,” “How do you define it?” and “How would you teach it to your children?” By asking important questions, listening to thousands of people, and sharing the responses through my website,, I am generating awareness that Peace is possible. “The Missing Peace,” is an activists exhibition showing that through principles of non violence and compassion, we can have challenging conversations with our fellow Americans. It is also an activist’s Peace ride in service of her country; encouraging us that these times call for direct action.

I need your support this summer. It is my hope to reach many people and accomplish the most good. I will be leaving Washington D.C. on May 1, 2008 and ending back there in August 2008. Along the way I will need places to stay, food, and gasoline-although at 90mpg, gas goes a long way. However, my deepest hope is for a Critical Mass around the country, that through organizing in the cities I visit, our voices will be represented in solidarity. Your help is needed in promoting P.E.A.C.E SCOOTER, The Missing Peace-a button can be placed on your website, a link to my website, notify your contacts and help with donations. I want to reach as many people and do as much good as possible-your support is key.

The final mile will create this:

Peace is the Way

And I hope to meet you along the way!
Peace and Respect
Alix Bryan

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