Last chance for raffles

Go ahead…buy a ticket. So far, the gamblin types have helped raise almost 9,000 buck- a- roos.
This is it. The one. Raffle rsults will be drawn live from Scoot Richmond, on 08/09/08, and posted the next day.
Prizes have grown throughout the week.
Much like my butt after 22k miles….

Currently there is a Nano, 2 shirts and keychains in the pot.
As well as,
Leather Corazzo gloves (your choice in size, they will ship)

HCI vintage style helmet (your choice in color/size, they will ship)

San Francisco Scooter Girls Calendar (yes, 25% new, but those pics are 100% classy)

Messenger Bag, Scooterworks

Superhot 2stroke Buzz shirt that I totally want to keep for myself.

To enter:

*so far 5,600 has been raised STRICTLY for charitable donation.*

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