Challenge for a cause

So I have 250 keychains. P.E.A.C.E SCOOTER keychains
That’s too many to carry around and I have too little time to sell them on an individual basis. But, they’re awesome and you can say you helped support the historical creation of a 22,000 mile Peace sign-the biggest Peace sign to date.

So the challenge is on. Today Scooterville Montana took 20 off my hands, at just $100. So, I’m going to post their logo here. Can you beat that amount? If so, I’ll post your logo, or your self created personal banner. I will have to charge you for shipping, but out of love for you, will drop the handling charge. For an idea, shipping ranges from 1.38 for 5 to $4.80 for 40.

It’s on baby, step up to the plate and have your logo featured here!  Thank you Scooterville, MT-not just for being lovable, but supporting Peace Scoot.


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