Secret Sunset Scoot and Skewer

Okay, I rode 18,450 miles before changing the suspension. Perhaps this is even the first historical Buddy suspension change? If not, it’s in the top 10, I bet. Oh, and since the Ducati boys threw on some Conti Zippy 1’s, the final homestretch promises to be even smoother!

Audre (the scooter) also left Ducati with a classy piece of Rat Fink comic art “tattooed on her. Except it’s called “Peace Fink.” Now I have cool art to look at over the next 3,500 miles!


What better way to test this new improved ride than by riding all day? After picking up Audre from the shop, I zoomed off for an afternoon riding with the boys. To be exact; my three friends from last year, Chuck, Ken, and Ralph, and my new friend, Orin. I’ve heard of Orin through the blogosphere and his writing keeps me up to date on Seattle scooter scene. In exchange for the kind words he’s put in for me along the way, I let him ride the Peace Scooter.

I admit, even though I told him, “ride it like you stole it,” after a bit of time passed, I was twitchy.

I was along on their scouting ride for the rally next week. It was a fun ride, but I preferred the one they took me on last year. That was an impromptu ride that the West Enders Club treated me to; we scooted all around Seattle. I enjoy riding with this club. They are all witty, talkative, generous and also-experienced riders. No showboating, they just love riding and they do it well.
After scouting we headed to a BBQ.
Not just any BBQ, mind you, but a rather fun event-the Secret Sunset Scoot and Skewer. They even had buttons made for the event!

Did I mention the jousting?

An hour before sunset we all mounted our steeds and scooted off for the sunset location. There was a good crew of us and with festive attitude we honked and waved at all the oglers. It was quite a bit of riding, almost a mini rally for me at day’s end. Unfortunately and the reason still unknown, my camera shots are lackluster. Perhaps the settings were changed? Sorry guys and gals!

We made it just in time to watch the sunset. It was a moving experience. Heh.


People are good to me. Thanks People!

Watching the sunset made me excited for the turn East that I will soon begin. That final homestrech towards Washington D.C.!

For more videos and photos, visit MY FLICKR!

3 Replies to “Secret Sunset Scoot and Skewer”

  1. Alix, it was great meeting you last weekend. Have a safe ride to D.C. Yes, I would love to have been able to join you for the last leg of the P.E.A.C.E. Scooter ride, but financial realities are too big to ignore (or ditch the job for).

    Take care! Keep the rubber side down!

  2. So nice to finely meet you Alix! I wish we could have visited more. Maybe I should have let you pet the dog a little longer! Love what you’re doing for all of us! You are in my heart!

    One of your Secret Sunset Pals!

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