Thank you. thank You. Thanks Mucho.

I’m so happy that I mostly get to write positive blogs!

I sat in Cafe Trieste with Shaun for hours today. We left at 9pm. I had used my wallet at 8:45 pm.  At 11:00 pm a call came through; didn’t answer, didn’t recognize the number. Checking my voicemail I discover I’ve lost my wallet. But it’s been found, with ALL THE MONEY IN IT.  My hand frantically smoothed over my back pocket in confirmation, yes, I’m the Alix Bryan missing the wallet. This hand check also confirmed my back pocket is way to shallow. (then again, so is my wallet!)

My wallet sat on the corner of Haight and Market Streets, for one hour-untouched.  Constance-thank you for finding it, thank you for spending an hour hunting me down, and thanks mucho for reuniting me with the little cash I have to get me up to Seattle!

Everyday of my life confirms that the world at large is just not the one reflected on our TV screens; people are good, people want to help and they are pretty damn fun too. Whenever I actually sit still long enough to watch TV, I get this overwhelming suffocating feeling of negativity. I say get out there and live life-open yourself to the wonderment that occurs!

And Constance-yep, she is a scooterist!

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