First 24 hours

Burning rubber, I left Jackson at 1pm, but not without a deep look into my Dad’s eyes. It brought chills to my skin.

The drive was estimated by Google to be 5 hours. I added 2 to that, but much to my surprise, reached Hwy 11 in just 3.5 hours! Hwy 11 is in Slidell and this is where I called Rich, who kindly offered to ride me into the city. This always feels so proper, I love it. Only two other people have done this before, although many ride out of town with me. I had a 5 mile ride over the bridge and it was so gorgeous. This time I was prepared for steel grate bridges.

I beat Rich to the destination spot and sat in the afternoon sun. The ride into NOLA was just so smooth, like a hot knife cutting butter-right as rain. Last year I ran into many complications-storms, bridge out, road signs missing. I was exhausted and on edge when I finally arrived. Having a host escort me into town has made all the difference. Many thanks to the scooter community, yet again. The buzz has been going on the forums: I have been housed, given a tour and will soon be meeting scooterists at a pub.


Rich put some grub in my stomach last night. We had great conversation over my 2 beers and breakfast sandwich. It was the only food I had all day-as the food at the shelter wasn’t something I would want my dog to eat. It broke my heart. Rich has the Bayou Monster Scooter, check out the croc seat.


He then led me over to my host’s house. Alan is a Brit, an iconic MOD scooter. In classic fashion, he tells a story like only a Brit can. We sat on the porch drinking chianti and exchanging our stories, his more interesting, until about midnight.
Right now as I write this, my skin is sunburned from an afternoon touring the city. We stopped by Big Easy Scooters and wound up dining with the guys. A guy at the table next to us ragged on me for ordering a salad, but I’ve been craving my greens. He insisted I have the bbq shrimp poboy.

After lunch we went to the West Bank. I have sat by the Mississippi many times, by Jackson Square, and stared out at the West Bank. Thinking, “wonder what that’s like,” but never venturing over on the ferry. I want to move there eventually, it is amazing.

We stopped for a beer and then came back over. Alan kept saying that the ferry is romantic, not with any inclination for me. It is though. After docking we toured the French Quarter. He dropped me off and went to wake his wife up. We will reconvene shortly, for a night at a local Irish Pub.

Johnny Nomad has agreed to host me the next few nights. It turns out the we met last year, at a bar, and he bought me a beer. I’ve dropped my stuff off there already and it is a lovely house, uptown. Really welcoming space, I’m very lucky.

Tomorrow, from 10-6 I will volunteer with The Green Project. I will have a lot more to tell you then and later will post photos of today’s sightseeing, but I am without my usb cord right now.


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