WANderlust King

I owe y’all one about two wheel adventurers. Today’s guy truly has a lot of Seoul, coming right out of South Korea to the U.S. His modus operandi-see America and drink a lot of beer. Oh, and catch crabs-for dinner. I’m just amazed by this guy and so are his allegiance of fans on the totalruckus forums. He’s their celebrity ninja and it’s charming to see their devotion. He’s riding a 49CC Honda Ruckus, for perspective, that’s goes about top speed 35 mph. He saved money for a year to come over here, is now out of it, and has no sponsorship from Honda. (Although this would be the best guerilla marketed story ever) They seem to have zero interest in U.S. scooter sales.

His adventures are being documented on totalruckus.com and it’s actually an interesting way to tell a story; through the many supporters and mainly through photos. The quality of posts have become better throughout the trip-perhaps as he realizes there is a rapt audience. I meant to post about this one last night, but became so involved perusing through the 200+ threads about him, that I got sleepy! I did come across a post in the thread calling me a hippie, that made for a good chuckle. While those ruckers keep a tight crew-nor worries-we are allroad warriors. Maybe I will find him on the road and chug some beers with a fellow Wanderer.

Let me reiterate that while Wan is obviously having a lot of fun, it is no easy feat to clock 10,000 around America on a scooter that travels 35 an hour.



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  1. Man, I just burned a good hour paging through some of those threads and feel like I didn’t even scratch the surface…it’s enough of a challenge to read one person’s writing about their own trip, but chaos when it’s on a bulletin board with dozens of people chiming in. So awesome though, what a story!

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