P.E.A.C.E tshirts

Wow, what is this?

P.E.A.CE tour shirts? Why, you betcha! Proceeds from these go towards the fuel fund and towards the fundraising pot for nonprofit organizations. Basically, purchasing one of these swell designs is helping to fuel many good things. And of course the support is deeply appreciated!

The classy designs are the product of both PJ Chmiel’s genius and Eric over at Genuine Scooter Company. Thank you both and anyone else who helped. The way it worked is that I bugged them to help create a particular vision and they delivered that PLUS MORE.


Designs will be printed on American Apparel shirts and easily available for purchase through Scooterworks, at a low price under $20. Soon, though, not yet. I’m hopeful they will arrive in time for me to pack my saddlebags with them!

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