To Guatemala, 1975

Today, in honor of two wheel exploits, to be continued until my departure, I’m sharing something PJ Chmiel sent to me.
He discovered this newspaper clipping through

No one really knows anything about her or escapades from her trip. Just the purpose.

In 1975 a lady from Tulsa, OK decided to promote the transportation alternative of her Vespa. She simply wanted to demonstrate that gas guzzling need not be a way of life. She wanted to show, “the economy and dependability of her bike.” She also comments that she planned on contacting the press along her 1,700 mile trek to Guatemala, and that she had hopes they would “roll out the red carpet,” for her.

I wish this lady could be contacted. Her comment, “I am looking forward to kindness and hospitality, ” caught my eye. This is the mark of one with faith in humans and trust in the universe. It was courageous for a woman to set out alone in 1975, on a scooter.

Many times I have answered the question, “Why 20,000 miles on a scooter?” When interviewed by Scoot Magazine and other online sources, I always say, “It is the means of transportation which can bring me to the public with the least amount of environmental impact, aside from walking or biking. The roads suffer less and so does the oil supply. It’s also important to me that Americans see the resilience a scooter has–if I can ride one 20,000+miles, they can ride one 10-15 miles to work!” In fact, that was the original line I used when contacting Philip Mccaleb for sponsorship!

But here is this lady, in 1975, already on a crusade! Sometimes it feels like there are no new ideas, just slight twists and variations, and the appropriate time to reintroduce old ideas. The only photo I have of this lady is taken from the scooter forum, but click here, or on the picture to see the larger version of the newspaper article.

And remember, if there has ever been any time to choose alternative transportation, it is NOW. Oh, and remember,safety first. This lady seems to have absolutely no riding gear.

You will have to click on the picture to see it in larger form and read the article. Please do, it’s interesting! Peace!


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