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Last night I had the honor of speaking with Dave Mangano, who runs great podcasts over on . Dave is a pleasant conversationalist. That attribute, along with his amor for scooters, makes his show a success. He walked me through my first use of Skype. Actually a simple process. The headphone purchase will be helpful doing video voiceovers, although not all white noise is eliminated. What was discombobulating for me was the lack of eye contact.The show airs sometime after 3/30. You will then be able to hear his side-but for now you can watch me fidget. Apparently, I have lost my good posture from so much time behind a computer. I think its time for one of those fancy office chairs.

We talked about the trip last year and he invited me back onto the show before leaving on this 9,000 mile journey. That’s only 5 weeks from today! I will have a lot more concise details to share with him-there is some exciting sponsor news and potential raffles in the works. Money raised through all raffles will be donated to nonprofit organizations. I have decided on one recipient,the Peace Alliance, who are steadfastly working on legislation to create The Department of Peace. We will talk in detail about that premise soon. The legislation is an important, intelligent measure that will “enhance our current problem-solving options, providing practical, nonviolent solutions to the problems of domestic and international conflict.” The DOP will work in equal standing with the Department of Defense-a measure that even our Constitutional Forefathers suggested would assist in that premise of ‘checks and balances.’ (remember those, anyone????)

I am honored to have their support and to raise funds for donation to such a worthy cause. The new postcard is almost through its final stages and tells the story of last years trip; the places and people I experienced. The back is mostly the same. An invitation to define Peace and then send it forward to someone you know.

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  1. Hey Alix, where is the next 9,000 miles taking you? Is there info somewhere on your blog already? I didn’t see it, but then I miss things pretty often, according to my wife. -:)


  2. Well, those little things are tricky. I’ve been overlooking putting the info in…but now you can find it on Routes/ETA’s. There is a calendar there (padded up though) so you can get a rough idea. Call me for more precise espresso plans, please…

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