First Video

WOO HOO! Here is the first video footage made available, weighing in at 4:08 minutes. Can’t wait to put more up and have more people offer their words. Wow! We are doing it over here, however slowly, it’s happening.

The star of this one is Matthew, from Maui, an Inspirate as he calls himself and others in his improv comedy troupe. InspiratesThe question he is answering, using random prompts, is, “How do you define Peace?” This is an improv game him and the sunshine posse enjoy playing as a way to explore conscious thought. The player has to reply using the letter prompts in a sentence. Make sense? Watch closely, you’ll get it!

I met him at Earth Dance 2007, in Laytonville, CA, a friend of a friend. I played that game, for hours, on the Whale Bus. The whole group was so energizing and fun to be around, living completely in the present.

Without further ado:

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