Ok, all those with a glass (hopefully full), please lift it and join me in a toast to serendipitous events.
Check this out:

1) December 31, 2007, Crystal Waters sends me a picture of a Peace sign she found on a house. She writes, “We have been looking at houses to buy, and when I wandered around to
the back of the garage/workshop at the one we looked at yesterday, I found this a peace sign and had to take a picture for you. 🙂 I think it’s a good sign.

And was it ever. Eventually the picture Crystal sent was posted, and the tag on caught the eye of a particular project, called One Million Peace Signs.

This is where I introduce my favorite, new inspirators to you and continue the tale of serendipity.

2) January 1, 2008, a splendid group of peeps out in Wyoming resolve to collect One Million Photos of Peace Signs. Now, I fully understand goals that involve GRAND numbers and GRAND ideas, so I want to tell you about them. No, I first I want to stand up, do a jig, and scream, “You peeps in Wyoming are AMAZING. YAY!”

Here is their story, copied from One Million Peace Signs:

“Snowed in on Jan. 1, 2008 in the Middle-of-Nowhere Wyoming, we decided that collecting One Million Signs of Peace for a website would be a fine New Year’s Resolution. Crazy? Probably. Possible? We think so! Since then, people from all over the world have sent us their Peace Sign Photos, Peace observations, and “go for it” encouragement. We’ve also added Clark, our resident guru and Real Life Superman to the mix. ‘Tis awesome, and we thank you all! ”

Well, they are off and running! With close to 3,000 photos already, I’m totally impressed and can’t wait for us to work together. I visualize a cool program that generates random Peace images and puts them with random Peace definitions. That would be a powerful visual experience, huh?! They will surely reach their first million before me-people seem to like sending pics of peace over defining it ! Go check them out at You can send your pictures to their flickr or facebook account, just follow the links from their website!



  1. Hi Alix! Peace to you and all of yours! Checking links and ended up on your site again, where now I think I sorta get how The Great Peace Poobah hooked us all up…what a weird, wonderful world 🙂

    We’re snowed in again…luckily we’re all snowed IN at the office instead of OUT, this being the place where we all get our energy and joie de vivre…webo!ng, the mother ship…

    Thanks for the story and the intro!

    zoey, lily, lo ‘n’ clark

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